Ali Cooke @ Back to Basics, Music Factory, Leeds, May 92

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Feb 2, 2008
ha good man, I take its a 12" you've not played in a while
Scott I can confirm its track A and the track on the YT vid is not on this release, I think that is off the Deja Vu Gangsters, Tarts & Wannabees album 1995.

Yeah deffo not been played in a long time, It came in a collection which I brought off my old mate, It was the art work on the ctr that I clocked and knew I had seen it before.

The funny thing is the sticker on the sleeve is what I used to put on so I Knew it was mine, so really I brought my own track back, and thats not the only one.
I either lent it to him or they got mixed up when we had played out b2b and never got um bk..

It needs a dam good clean.