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Timeless Vol 3

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Timeless Vol 3​

It's now available to download and stream at www.buttyandrecca.com



OSA Spring Party '24

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27/04/24 @ Zombie Shack, Manchester.​

Tickets £8 available now from @billyrave or @S-J Info HERE


OSA Summer Party '23

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16/09/23 @ Zombie Shack, Manchester.​

Tickets £8 available now from @billyrave or @S-J


OSA April Fools Party '23

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Click HERE for more info


Stu Allan RIP

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Stu Allan RIP​


OSA Summer Party '22

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Not long to go now. Get your tickets sorted for our summer scorcher​

Click HERE for more info



Flyer Archive Update

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Thanks to the hard work of the wonderful @S-J and the kindness of Sissy Jo Rooney, Luke Meleschko & John Huckle we have made a huge update to the flyer archive on OSA.

We have added over 800 new flyers to the flyer archive, go check them out here


DJ Nipper Old Skool Radio Show

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DJ Nipper Old Skool Radio Show​

One of the finest Old Skool Dj's around and good friend of OSA DJ Nipper, has his very own Old Skool Radio Show!​

Each and every Sunday from 5pm you can catch him on YouTube:​



Pianoman - Revelation (The Butty & Recca Remix)

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Pianoman - Revelation (The Butty & Recca Remix)​

Limited edition vinyl will be out soon, if you would like to be the first to know when you can pre-order sign up to our mailing list at www.buttyandrecca.com


Stu Allan Interview Part 1

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Stu Allan Interview Part 1​

Thank you to our friends at ROAR for this amazing interview with the legend that is Stu Allan!​


Stu Allan Interview Part 2

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Stu Allan Interview Part 2​


Stu Allan Interview Part 3

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Stu Allan Interview Part 3​


Stu Allan Interview Part 4

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Stu Allan Interview Part 4​


Vision - Sight Through Sounds

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After fighting a dreadful autoimmune disease, our friend Cameron Dante of Bizarre Inc, has been left with only 10-20% of his eyesight.

Corrective Surgery can reverse this, but the cost of this Is extremely high. A group of wonderfully talented DJ and producers have kindly donated a series of ‘Back To Mine’ style mixes or created unique tracks especially for this cause, in order to raise money to help towards the cost of the surgery and medical expenses needed by Cameron.

To order this special unique USB containing all the music is £22.50 including p&p


100% of all proceeds go to Cameron

Mixes Include:

DJ Welly - In the mix (The Battle of Nipper & Welly)

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DJ Welly - In the mix​

The Battle of Nipper & Welly​


DJ Nipper - In the mix (The Battle of Nipper & Welly)

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DJ Nipper - In the mix​

The Battle of Nipper & Welly​


Allister Whitehead - In the mix (North By Northwest)

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Allister Whitehead - In the mix (North By Northwest)​

Allister Whitehead has kindly compiled this exclusive mix for OSA. North By Northwest is his take on the early house sounds of the North West. A flawless set from a legend of the scene!​

Thank you to Allister for taking time out to put this together for us - you can find many more of his mixes on Facebook:



The making of Pianoman - Blurred

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The making of Pianoman - Blurred​

James aka the Pianoman. Let's talk about Blurred, your monster of a tune that conquered the charts back in 1996. How did the idea for the track come about and can you share your memories of how it came together?​


Thanks for asking me to tell the story of Blurred Anthony, it is great to see a remixed OSA too because It was the original retro and Piano tune forum.

After I had done Cast A Spell in 1993, I was looking for things which could be a possible follow up or maybe form tracks for another PCP EP.

At the time in my home town of Bradford all you heard in every club, pub and bar was Piano House music. There was a mixture of Italian House and then UK Piano tunes that seemed to be mainly originating from the north of England and Scotland.

Since releasing stuff on Discomagic UK and remixing for them I had been travelling to London on a regular basis to see Roland Radaelli and to basically in true Bradford lad style blag records off him. One particular visit Roland gave me these three CD's and they were called DMC samples Vol 1-3. Now, this was at least ten years before sample cd's existed and it still shocks me today when I think about it. I clearly remember...

Rick Jones - In the mix

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Rick Jones - In the mix​

Rick Jones. A DJ that has been a constant on the Old Skool scene from before it was called Old Skool. With residencies starting at The Limit in 1991 and including legendary events such as New Dawn, The Gallery, Life, Retro and Maximes.​

Check out this exclusive hour long mixing masterclass.


Allister Whitehead Interview

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Allister Whitehead Interview​

Allister Whitehead began DJ'ing back in 1987 when he was 17 years old, he quickly found his feet and gained residencies at Nottinghams Koolkat, Venus and then the legendary Hacienda in Manchester....​


Thanks for taking time out to have a chat Allister. What's been your favourite year for both the music and the clubs youve played?

For the music I would say 1991 was a vintage year. Lot's of big tracks from producers like C&C, Steve 'Silk' Hurley and David Morales to name but a few. Tracks like Shay Jones 'Are You Gonna Be There', Let the Beat Hit'em' by Lisa Lisa Cult Jam, Too Blind To See by Kym Sims, Pride (A Deeper Love) By C&C Music Factory, Also Degrees in Motion 'Do You Want It Right Now', the list goes on and on so you can see it really was a vintage year for music.

For night clubs I think 95 was a great year. Cream and Golden had a fantastic year but new clubs like Gatecrasher and Godskitchen started to do really well also before the whole Trance thing started to take off.

What was your first break and any advice to newbie dj's out there wanting to make it big?

As a DJ you have lot's of little breaks that add up as you progress, you have to constantly...

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