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No worries - do you have a bike? What type?

skippy_vinyl said:
hey thanx, that's v generous of you. i shoulda got one sorted b4 now i suppose but my graphical skills are pretty feeble :(

as fer a theme or summat hmm... my main interests are music, motorcyclin and the fairer sex (what else is there?!?), in a diferent order everyday and always with a herbal helper or two :tonksi:. actually, better stick to the music/bikin theme tho i don't know how 2 incorporate that into a sig design. perhaps jus a nice graphic with no theme? whatevers easiest m8. the typestyle from silky's sig is ace, tho i don't wanna copy the same one, so summat similar perhaps? i prefer the aspect ratio of yours n silkys to summat that fills half a screen too, don't wanna be too imposing.

thanx again, don't go out of yer way tho, jus summat simple if u can spare the time.

cheerz earz :king:

ps - yer new sig rocks aswell :D
*AHEM Cough*

Oh you mean bikes!!! Right - gotcha!!! :D

Nah, I nearly kill myself every time I go out on my mountain bike so I just know getting myself a motorbike would probably be a bad idea!!!

That said I can ride em and had the pleasure of taking a Fireblade CBR 900 out for a spin after a mad night at Cream last year - fekkin scary!!!

Oh and the obligatory 125cc crosser is always hired every time I'm in Beefa - only smashed 1 of em so far!!!!