Pete Heller - Love Of Life, Sept '94

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Oct 26, 2001
Scottish Borders

1. Rochelle Fleming - Danger! (Swing 52 Dub)
2. Liberty City - If You Really Love Somebody (mix?)
3. Last Session - Sometimes I Feel Like
4. Patra feat Yo-Yo - Romantic Call (Dub)
5. Morel's Grooves Pt.6 - This Is My Party (Bitch Get Out)
6. [22:00] ? "I havent any problems" female
7. Joi Cardwell - Trouble
8. Lime Life - Sume Bah (In The Bush)
9. Virtual Soul - Luvin' (Whole Lotta Luv') [Strictly Rhythm]
10. Danny Tenaglia - Bottom Heavy

10. Danny Tenaglia - Bottom Heavy
11. Angel Moraes - I Like It (I Like How You're Lov'in Me)
12. The Believers - Who Dares To Believe In Me
13. [10:00] ? "I can feel it, move your body" female
14. Deep Dish presents Quench - High Frequency [Tribal]
15. Slo Moshun - Help My Friend (DJ Pierre Remix)
16. Ce Ce Peniston - Hit By Love
17. E.G Fullalove - Didn't I Know? (Divas To The Dancefloor... Please) (D.C. Vs. Tom E's Original Dub)
18. Junior Vasquez - Get Your Hands Off My Man (A Dub 4 Junior)
19. [39:50] ?

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Apr 2, 2004
Just realised that none of the mix names on the vid match what i have it as. I've got the emotive vinyl somewhere, but only got digital right now to check. One of the mixes anyway, maybe i have it named wrong :confused:

Edit: OK, I double checked my tunes and i think i traded some files a few years back with some guy for . The tune i have is track 2 from that cd (as i was given it). Can anyone confirm? If not i'll update when/if i come across my 12" again.

Also vasquez/tenaglia/tribal(the label)-type stuff from this era was amazing :heart:
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