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How are we all doing?

So, before the back end of last year, hot off the heels of our last "Little-Big" Paaaarty...

Well Billy Rave, and I put a brand new date out for our next one...

Saturday 1st April 2023


OSA to you our friends, well it will soon be here...

A lot of people bought and reserved tickets within hours of us putting out this next date...

But guess what? It's only nearly frikken here so if you have ordered tickets and haven't yet received them we need your wonga please and or if you've not yet ordered them we are nearly at sell out so get in touch pronto with other myself or @billyrave

EXCITED??? You bet your boots!!! This is a private gig, it is invite only and was such an incredible night out last year! Come and be part of our OSA/Mix City Revolution!


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