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Sep 13, 2007
Oldskool Music :) Its why we're here right

So ive been having a conversation with my mates recently and one of them said they had made a new oldskool tune ... a NEW oldskool tune ?

To me there is no such thing as a new oldskool tune , a tune that is made today cant be oldskool can it ?

What are peoples thoughts on this , what are oldskool peoples thoughts on this ? Heres mine ......

For me oldskool is frozen in time (lets say 88-99) Probably the only genre that is if we are calling it a genre
An oldskool 'Sounding tune' thats made after this period isnt oldskool ...... its just a house track .

What do you guys think ?

Is a 2008 remix of ashas tribute an oldskool tune ?
If i play piano on a korg m1 and add a amen break have i made an oldskool tune ?
Should the years be adjusted over time ? The 1999 pushed forward every so often
Are we frozen in time forever with the same tunes from a decade ?

I will just add (for anyone thinking im being a snob:rolleyes:) i play all music from new(not on radio Bill 👮‍♂️)to obviously old & this is just my view & i respect all opinions .
This is in no way reference to anyone who plays whatever on osa . Im just trying to get oldskool peoples opinion for my college Buddys course :)

Brian (DJB)

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Apr 8, 2018
I hear what your saying mate , eg few years back there was a load of oldskool remixes re edits, toe tappers mate really enjoyed them , but for me isnt the vibe of feeling like we did back in the day ? Isnt it all about the good music ? Sometimes when a new oldskool tune is made / released it can just have that more ish thing with it , but on the other hand it could be rubbish. We listen to all didfferent types of music, should it be from 70s upwards alll about growing up , being there and loving it. ;) thats my say anyway ;)


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Mar 21, 2005
I think you'd be surprised how many tracks sound original but are cheeky re-edits of tracks you love.

I hear what he's saying though, there's plenty of folk still producing old sounding hardcore, jungle, house, soul, funk etc and if it fits in with what you love does it matter too much unless you're claiming it's authentic, or want a night or playlist with just og tunes in original forms as we all probably want now and again?