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Mar 11, 2010
Hey all! Not been on the site for ages so keep up the good work guys, it's looking good! Anyways, I have decided to part with a massive chunk of my vinyl collection. Loads of old skool house, trance, Drum n bass and some old lp's. All in in very good to mint condition. Some have the odd scratch but nothing that affects the sound. Some sleves are a bit worn due to age, etc but again, nothing huge. I have compiled a list which is below. There is a handful of white labels which I have no idea what they are!!!! There is also some old albums with no sleeves that are scratched in places. All these I will be just chucking in. I do know that one is worth about £100, Evolution - Metropolis, Sasha Cant stop the feeling Mix & Sasha Paino Dub Mix & an Eazy E & NWA one worth about £60 (according to Discogs). Only reason I'm selling is I'm skint! Simples! I'd rather these go to a good home & be looked after rather than just lashing them on EBay. I live in greater Manchester so pick up & cash on collection or I could deliver within a 10 mile radious of OL6. I haven't really got an idea of what this little collection is worth so would love some guidance & if anyone would like to make me an offer then please do. If you would like any pics of any individual records then please drop me an e-mail or, if you want the complete list in word format or want to make an offer again, just drop me an e-mail to martynandpierina@hotmail.co.uk
Thanks guys! Keepin the vibe alive! :wave:

12” Singles/EP’s
187 Lockdown – Kung Fu (White Label/Single Sided) A: Kung FU, Not on Label
187 Lockdown – Gunman A1: Original Mix A2: Nu Births Gun Groove Dub B1: Natural Born Chillers Remix B2: Pointed Radio Edit, EastWest Records, 1997
2 Fat Buddhas Vs Fat Head – Into Battle EP A1: Cut The Music A2: Cut The Music (Weekenderemix) B1: Electro Chocolate B2: Wheel ‘em In, Freskanova Records, 1997
2 In A Room – Wiggle It A1: Club Mix A2: Dub Mix B: Def Wiggle Mix, SBK Records, 1990
2 Unlimited – Get Ready For This A: Orchestral Mix B: 800 Mix, PWL Continental, 1991
49ers – Touch Me A: Sexual Mix B: Instrumental, 4th & Braodway Records, 1989
Adamski – Killer A: Killer B1: Bass Line Changed My Life B2: I dream Of You, MCA Records, 1989
Adamski – The Space Jungle A: Extended Mix B: The 2nd Coming, MCA Records, 1990
Adamski – N-R-G A1: N-R-G A2: Viva City B1: I Love Teknology B2: Love & Life, MCA Records, 1990
Agenda – Heaven A: Lange Remix B1: DJ Sakin & Friends Remix B2: Resistance D Treatment Mix, INCredible Records, 1999
A Guy Called Gerald – Voodoo Ray A: Remix B1: Radio Mix B2: Original Mix, Rham! Records, 1989
A Homeboy A Hippie & A Funky Dredd – Work It Out A: Hard Mix B1: Vocal Mix B2: Total Confusion (Confusion Mix), Tam Tam Records, 1991
Altern 8 – Remixed Vertigo EP A: Infiltrate 202 (Altern 8 Vs Astrix & Space Mix) B1: Give It To Me Baby B2: Life IS A Never Ending Sound, Network Records, 1991
Another Level – Be Alone No More A: KMA Breaks Alone Mix B1: Dubmonsters Mix B2: Anthill Mob Mix, Maximum Productions, 1997
Armand Van Helden – Ultrafunkula A1: Ultrafunkula A2: Ganga Kru remix B1: Sneaks Mongolian Beats Mix B2: Reservoir Dogs, FFRR Records, 1997
Ascension – Someone A: Original Vocal Mix B1: Slackers Rollig Mix B2: Slackers Elevation Vocal, Perfecto, 1997
Asmo – Jam The Dance 92 A: Open Your Heart Mix B: Cool Base Mix, Tek Records, 1992
ATB – (pm (Till I Come) A1: Sequential One 1999 Mix A2: Signum Remix B: Matt Darey Remix, Ministry Of Sound Records, 1999
Bamboo – Bamboogie A: Vocal Mix B1: Lisa Marie Experience Remix B2: Vegas, VC Recordings, 1998
Bizz Nizz – We’re Gonna Catch You A: Hot Rhythm Edit B: Ready Rhythm Remix, Byte Records, 1989
Binary Finary – 1998 A: Matt Darey Mix B1: Binary Finary Mix B2: Paul Van Dyk Remix, Positiva, 1998
Black Box – Ride On Time A: Massive Mix B1: Epsom Mix B2: Ascot Mix, Deconstruction Records, 1989
Blockbuster – You Should Be Dancin’ (White Label/Single Sided) A: You Should Be Dancin’, Not on Label, 1998
Blue Pearl – Naked In the Rain (Remix) A: Red Pearl Mix B: Red Pearl Dub, Big Life, 1990
Bomb The Bass – Mega Blast a: Mega Blast B: Don’t Make Me Wait, Rhythm King Records, 1988
Boris Dlugosch Presents Booom ‎– Hold Your Head Up High A1: High Up Club Mix A2: Julian Jonahs Bad Boy Mix B1: More/Nunez Club Mix B2: Junior Vasquez Arena Mix, Positiva, 1997
Byron Stingly – You Make ME Feel (Mighty Real) A: Don Carlos Club Mix A2: Baby Blue Inside Out Dub B1: Serious Danger Magic Steppa Mix B2: Claudio Coccoluto Mix, Manifesto Records, 1998
Camisra – Let Me Show You (White Label, Single Side) A: Let Me Show You, No Label, 1997
Candy Flip – Strawberry Fields Forever A1: Strawberry Fields Forever A2: Can You Feel The Love B: Aqua Libra, Debut, 1990
C&C Music Factory – Things That Make You Go Hmmm A: Classic House Mix B1: Deep House Mix B2: Alt Radio Mix, Columbia Records, 1991
Ce Ce Peniston – Finally A1: 12” Choice Mix A2: 12” PKA Mix B: We Got A Love Thang (The Factory Jam), A&M Records, 1992
Ce Ce Peniston – Somebody Else’s Guy (DJ Promo Copy) A1: Tuff Jams Classic Garage Mix A2: TJ’s Ladies Choice Dub B1: Kuppers Uplifting Club Mix B2: Kuppers Dark & Funky Mix, AM:pM Records, 1998
Chris Bowden With 4-Hero – Hero/Lullaby A: Hero B: Lullaby, Satellite Records, 1997
Circuit – Shelter Me A1: Retaliation Mix A2: HelterSkelter Mix B1: Touchdown Mix B2: Accapella, Cooltempo Records, 1990
CJ Bowland – Ravesignal III A: Mind War B1: Horse Power B2: It’s all in the mind, R&S Records, 1991
CM – Dream Universe A: Original Mix B: Man With No Name Remix, Hooj Choons, 1998
Coco – I Need A Miricle A1: Victor Imbres 12” Mix Edit A2: Mathew Roberts Cloud 10 Mix B1: Sol Brothers Dub Plate Special B2: Qattara Remix Edit, Positiva, 1997
Colours – Baby Baby A: Club Mix B1: Ultra Mix B2: Dub Mix, Line Music, 1991
Confusion Club – Move! A1: Move! A2: Phrantica Ecstatica B1: Love OD B2: Mental Crash, R&S Records, 1991
Control – Dance With Me A: Dance With Me (I’m On Ecstasy) B: C’Mon Now, Beats Working Records, 1991
Convert – Nightbird A1: 187 Lockdown Nite Dub A2: 187 Lockdown Nite Instrumental B1: Nevins Funk Force Dubplate B2: Jason Nevins Futura 2000 Remix, Wonderboy Records, 1998
Cool 2 – Kinda Groovy A1: Original Version A2: Dub Version B: Psychotropic Mix, City Sounds, 1991
Crystal Waters – Gypsy Woman A1: Strip To The Bone Mix A2: 7” Version B1: Red Bon Club MIx B2: Instrumental, A&M Records, 1991
Da Fool – Meet Him at the Blue Oyster Bar (Single Sided) A: Meet Him At The Blue Oyster Bar, BIT Productions, 1998
Da Hool – Meet Her at the Love Parade (Remixes) A: Nalin & Kane Remix B1: Espanol Vocal Club Mix B2: Original Mix, Made In DJ, 1997
Da Hool – Meet her at the Love Parade A: Nalin & Kane Mix B1: Dextrous Mix B2: Nalin & Kane Edit, Manifesto records, 1998
Dave Angel – Funk Music A1: Dave Angel Rework A2: Original Version B1: DJ Tonka Remix B2: Pills Hard Cyclic Mix, Island Records, 1997
De’Lacy – Hideaway 1998 A1: Nu Birth Full Vocal Mix A2: Nu Birth Push Deepa Dub B1:187 Lockdown Hidden Vocal Dub B2: Deep Dish Mix, Deconstruction, 1998
Digital Boy – Kokko/Ok! Alright (Remixes) A1: Kokko DJ Herbie Mix A2: Luca Rave Mix B1: OK! Alright Dj Herbie Mix B2: OK! Alright Luca Cyberspace Mix, Flying Records, 1991
Digital Orgasm – Running Out Of Time A: Rave Mix B: Eruption Mix, DDGR Records, 1991
Digital Orgasm – Running Out Of Time A:Milky Way Mix B: The Climax MIx, DDGR Records, 1991
Direkt – Two Fat Guitars (Revisited) A: Babetastic Original Mix B1: Corporation Express Remix B2: Jules & Skins Techno Remix, UFG Records, 1994
Dive – Boogie A1: Loop Da Loop Mix A2: KLM Buzz Garage Vocal Dub B1: Nylons Full Length Mix B2: Nippa & Hysterix Vs. Nylon Main Room Vocal, Nylon Records, 1998
DJH Feat. Stefy – I Like It A1: House Mix A2: Party Mix B1: Flip Mix B2: Radio Cut, RCA Records, 1991
Dj Hype –Peace, Love & Unity A: Peace, Love & Unity (Remix) B: Jump, True Playaz Records, 1997
DJPC – Insommniak A: Maxi Version B: Dub Version, Bite Records, 1991
DJ Pierre – Fell The Hit A1: Mix Version A2: Piano Version B1: Garage Version B2: Yankees Version, Choice Records, 1992
DJ Pooch – Let The Bass Roll (White Label) A: Original Mix B: Slap Bass Mix, Satellite, 1997
DJ Quicksilver – Planet Love A1: Maxi Version A2: Escape Mix B1: Untidy Dub B2: Dextrous Remix, Positiva, 1998
DJ Red – Dynamics/Enta Da Dragon (Tekken 3 Mix) A: Dynamics B: Enta Da Dragon (Tekken 3 Remix), Trouble On Vinyl, 1998
DJ Supreme – The Horns Of Jericho A1: Extended Mix A2: Supreme Speed Garage Mix B1: Porn Kings Full On Mix B2: Supreme Soul Power Mix, All Around The world, 1997
Dom & Matrix – The Vandal A: The Vandal B: Footsteps, Moving Shadow Records, 1997
Dom&Rob&Goldie – The Shadow (Rick Smith Remixes) A: Process Mix B: Bing Here Mix, Moving Shadow, 1997
Double Dee Feat. Dany – Found Love A: Moz-Art Mix B1: Fullhouse Mix B2: Radio Edit, Epic Records, 1990
Double Dee – Don’t You Feel A1: Mix Version A2: Radio Mix B1: Party Time (Mix Version) B2: Party Time (Rocchetta Mix), Onizom Music, 1991
Double You – Please Don’t Go A1: Club Mix A2: Radio Mix B1: Please (Lets Go Mix) B2: Acapella, ZYX Records, 1992
Dope Smugglaz – Double Double Dutch A: Album Version B: Club Version, Perfecto Records, 1999
DRS Vs. Deepzone - It’s Gonna Be Alright (White Label/Single Sided) A: It’s Gonna Be Alright, Not On Label, 1998
Double Trouble & The Rebel MC – Just Keep Rockin’ A: Sk’ouse Mix B: Hiphouse Mix, Desire Records, 1989
Eazy-E/N.W.A – Boyz n The Hood/Dopeman A1: Boyz n The Hood A2: Remix B1: Dopeman B2: Remix, Ruthless records, 1989 £60
ETA – Casual Sub (Burning Spear) A1: Stretch & Verns Rock n Roll Mix A2: 45 or 33 Radio Edit B1: Danmass Remix B2: Hixxys Hardcore Mix, EastWest Records, 1998
Evolution – Metropolis A: Sasha Can’t Stop the Feeling Mix B: Sasha Piano Dub Mix, Original White Label, 1991 £100
E-Zee Possee – Everything Begins With An E A: Everything Begins With An E B1: Instrumental B2: Beats, More Protein Records, 1989
Flatback 4 – Song#3 A: Version 1 B: Version 2, Not on Label
Format – Anna & Her Toms, A: Anna & Her Toms b1: Authority B2: Seven or 8’s, Rehab Music, 1996
Frequency – Where Is Your Evidence A1: Hard, Harder Mix A2: Club Mix B1: Burnin’ B2: 45 Beat, Lower East Side Records, 1991
FSFD – The Thing (Limited Promo Copy) A: The Thing B1: Remix B2: Moonmen Dub, Spot On Records
Fugitive – Hard & Soft Dubs A: Untitled B: Untitled, Power Music Records
Funk Junkeez – Got Funk A1: Da Mongoloids Funktastic Mix A2: Bass From Outta Space Dub B1: Heavy On Da Bass Mix B2: Heavy On Da Bass Dub, Evocative Records, 1998
Gino Latino – Welcome A: Welcome B1: Vocal Mix B2: Instrumental, FFRR Records, 1990
G.O.D. – Limited Four A1: Got To Go A2: Untitled B1: Watch Ya Bass Bins B2: Untitled, Nice ‘n’ Ripe Records, 1997
Goldie _ Temper Temper A1: Temper Temper A2: VIP Mix B1: Grooverider Remix, FFRR Records, 1998
Grey House – Move Your Assit A1: Party Version A2: Acid Version B: New Beats The House, House Nation Records, 1989
Grooverider – Where’s Jack The Ripper A: Carl Cox Techno Mix B1: Carl Cox House Mix B2: Radio Edit, Higher Ground Records, 1999
Guru Josh – Infinity A: Infinity B1: Spacey Saxophone Mix B2: 7” Mix, Deconstruction Records, 1990
Happy Mondays – Madchester EP A: Hallelujah A2: Holy Ghost B1: Clap Your Hands B2: Rave On, Factory Records, 1989
Higher & Higher meets Fast Eddie – Yo Yo (Throw Ya Hands Up) A: Original Vocal Club Mix) B1: Demon Groove Remix B2: “3D” Beats, Perfect World Recordings, 1998
Hithouse – Jack to the Sound of the Underground A: Party Mix B1: Gard Du Nord Mix B2: Fake Mix, Supreme Records, 1988
House Corporation – I Know I Can Do It A: Extended Mix B1: Organ Mix B2: Instrumental Mix, Italian Style Productions, 1991
Industry Standard – Industry Standard Vol.1 (What You Want) A: Industry Standard Vol.1 B1: Jeremy Sylvesters Nice n Ripe Mix B2: The London Connection Mix, Satellite, 1997
Inner City – Good Life A: Magic Juans Mix B1: Mayday Club Mix B2: Big Fun (L.A. Big Fun Remix), 10 Records, 1988
Inspiral Carpets - Trainsurfing A1: Butterfly A2: Causeway B1: You Can’t take the truth B2: Greek Wedding Song, Cow Records, 1989
Inspiral Carpets – Joe A1: Joe A2: Commercial Mix B1: Directing Traffic B2: Commercial Rain, Cow Records, 1989
Jam Jam – Everybody (Watcha Gonna Do) A: Extended Version B: Instrumental Version, Disco Magic, 1993
James Brown – The Payback Mix (Keep on doing What You’re Doing but Make It Funky) A1: The Payback Mix A2: Stone to the Bone B1: Give it up or Turn It Loose B2: Cold Sweat, Urban/Polydor, 1988
JC – So Hot A: So Hot B1: Trust Me B2: So Hot (Radio Edit), EastWest Records, 1998
Jennifer Lucas – Take On Higher A: Radio Extended B1: Club Mix B2: Madrigal Strings/Appella, ZYX Records, 1992
Jens – Loops & Tings 98 A1: Bervoets & De Goeji remix A2: 7” Version B1: Original Mix B2: Froot Loops Mix, Equality Records, 1998
Jinny – Keep Warm A: Extended Mix B1: 7” Mix B2: Another Mix, Virgin Records, 1991
JMW – Smart Bomb/Georges Flute a: Smart Bomb B: Georges Flute, Productive Pleasures, 1997
Joey Negro Feat, Taka Boom – Can’t Get High Without You (2xLP) A1:philly World Mix A2: Monkey Acappella B1: Monkeys On Your Back Dub B2: Acappella C1: Classic Funk Mix C2: Hysteria Dub D1: Sessamotto D2: Trunkids Mix, Subliminal Records, 1998
JPS – Found An Angel (White Label, Single Sided) A:Found An Angel, Not On Label, 1999
Juliet Roberts – So Good/Free Love 98 A1: So Good (Dan’s Anthem) A2: So Good (M&S Epic Klub Miz) B1: Free Love (98 Bumpy Sunday Mix) B2: So Good (Sharp Trade Lite Vocal Mix), Delirious, 1997
Kamera – Back In Time/Work A1: Live Remix A2: Kameracid Remix B1: Work (Kamerindustry Remix) B2: Work (Kamerock Remix), Flying Records, 1991
KCC – State of Mind A: State Of Mind… B1: State Of Mind…. B2: Def Con Bass, Hi Note Records, 1990
Khao – Man A1: Mix 1 A2: Mix 2 B1: Darkus Remix 1 B2: Darkus Remix 2, Studio !K7
King Britt Presents Sylk130 – Last Nigh A DJ Saved My Life A1: Francois K Classic Mix A2: The Horny Dub B1:Last Night The S Man Saved The mix B2: Francois K Dub, Ovum Recordings, 1998
Kings Of Rhythm – Bomb Da Loop (White Label) A:Loop Da Loops Hardstep Mix B: Loop Da Loops Majick Carpet Mix, Not ion Label, 1998
K-Klass – Rhythm Is A Mystery A1: Rhythm Is A mystery A2: Pianone B1: I.V.B.M. B2: Dream, Creed Records, 1991
Lee Marrow – To Go Crazy (In the 20th Century) A: Mix Version B1: Extended Version B2: Instrumental B3: City Version, Disco Magic Records, 1991
Leokadia - Baby A: Baby B: Ruff Necks Mix, Koin Records, 1998
LFO – LFO a: Leeds Warehouse Mix B1:Track 4 B2: Probe (The Cuba Edit), Warp Records, 1990
Liquid – Sweet Harmony A1: Original Mix A2: Phog (Original Mix) B1: Sweet Harmony (Remix) B2: Feel 3 ( Original Mix, XL Recordings, 1992
Little Louie & Marc Anthony – Ride ON The Rhythm A: Mr Roy’s Cosmic Cottage Edit Mix B1: Kenlou Rhythm Mix B2: Nu Birth Riddum Dub, Perfecto Red, 1998
Lost Tribe – Distant Voices EP (Disc 2) A: Angel (Four Four Mix) B: My Soul, Hooj Choons, 1997
Louise – All That Matters (The Mixes) A1: Cas Roc Vocal Mix A2: Cas Roc Dub Mix B1: DJ Tonka Mix B2: Hex Hector Vocal Mix, EMI, 1998
Lovechild – Liberta A: Moonman Remix B1: Liquid Child Remix B2: Original Club Mix, NEO Records, 1999
Love Decade – Dream On ( Is This A Dream) A: High Resolution Mix B1: 7” Radio Mix B2: Original Mix, All Around The World Records, 1991
Love Revolution – Give It To Me Baby (Remixes) A: FPI Dance Remix B1: FPI Club Remix B2: FPI Dream Remix, Fun-Keen-You Records, 1992
Love Rock – Strawberry Rush A: Original Mix B: Aldrich & Glennon Remix, Pump Records, 1999
LSG – Netherworld A: Vinyl Cut B: Kids Loop Mix, Hooj Choons, 1997
MANIC – I’m Comin’ Hardcore A1: Remix A2: Original Mix B1: Take Me Away (Sub Bass Mix) B2: Take Me Away (Original Mix), Union City Records, 1992
M&M – Don’t Stand In My Way A: Don’t Stand In My Way B: I wanna Make You Happy, Suburban Base Records, 1991
Man Machine Feat. The Forge Masters _- Man Machine A1: Cyber-Subsonik Mix A2: Elektro-Genetik Mix B: Elecctronik-Automatik Mix, Outer Rhythm Records, 1989
MARRS – Pump Up The Volume A: Pump Up The Volume B: Anitina, 4AD Records, 1987
Massive – Unfinished Sympathy A1: Paul Oakenfold Mix A2: Paul Oakenfold Inst Mix B1: Original Mix B2: Instrumental Mix, Wild Bunch Records, 1991
Massive Attack – safe From Harm A: 12” Version B1: Original Version B2: Instrumental, Wild Bunch Records, 1991
Megatron – Insanity A: Dance Mix B1: Extended Mix B2: Club Mix, Freak Frame Records, 1991
Mike Milk Vs. Steven Sugar – Get Down To The Fever A1: Heavy Panning Mix A2: DJ Linus Mix B1: Milk & Sugar Remix B2: Lost n Alive Remix, Milk & Sugar Recordings, 1997
Miss Peppermint – Let Me Hear the DJ A1: Dance Club Style A2: Miss Peppermint Style B1: Progressive Style B2: Hot Clubby Style, King Size Records, 1998
MNO _ God of Abraham A: God of Abraham B: Rave Mix, Trance Mission Records, 1991
Mono Blanco – A: Peak B: Rock the House, Smile Records, 1997 (Green Vinyl)
Mulder – Don’t Believe/Stick up Kid A: Don’t Believe B: Stick up Kid, Urban Takeover, 1997
Nalin & Kane – Beachball A: Extended Vocal Mix A2: Sea Side Mix B1: Original Club Mix B2: Sharams Baywatch Mix, FFRR Records, 1997
Net Addict – Terminate A: Terminate A B: Terminate B, Phoenix Uprising, 1997
New Order – Blue Monday 1988 A: Blue Monday 1988 B: Beach Buggy, Factory Records, 1988
Nicolette – School of the World/Single Minded People A: School of the World B: Single Minded People, Shut Up And Dance Records, 1990
Non-Alains – Give It to Me A: Deepah Mix B: Limes Drum & Bass Mix, Un-Disputed Records, 1997
Oceanic – Insanity A: Legendary Mix B: Dream Tripper Mix, DDGR Records, 1991
Part-E – Give Me Your Love A: Give Me Your Love B: Piano Mix, MCR Records, 1992
Partisan – Keep Your Love A1: Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder Mix A2: Instrumental B1:Dex & Jonsey Mix B2: Bush Babies Mix, Multiply Records, 1997
PF Project Feat. Ewan McGregor – Choose Life A1: Original 12” Mix A2: JDS Vocal Mix B: Tour De Force Remix, Positiva, 1997
Philly Beats Feat. Sophia – Voulez Vous A1: Club Mix A2: Southbound Mix b: Burger Queen Miz, Inferno Records, 1997
Photek – Modus Operandi A: Modus Operandi B: Yendi, Science Records, 1998
Pin Up Boys – First Rhythm A1: First Rhythm A2: Do It Yourself Mix B1: Go On Mark Mix B2: Dub Version, No label, 1991
PKA – A: Temperature Rising A1: Bigger & Better Mix A2: Disco Me To Ecstacy Mix B: Let Me Hear You Say Yeah B1: Bass & Bins At Dawn Mix B2: Donner & Blitzen Mix, Stress Records, 1991
Plastic Gangsters – We Live As One White Label/Single Sided) A: Original Mix, Bedlam Studios, 1998
Pornography – LMG/LMGSM, A: LMG B: LMGSM, No Label, 1992
Praga Khan – Free Your Body/Injected With A Poison A: Free Your Body B: Injected With A Poison, Profile Records, 1991
Praga Khan – Injected With A Poison (Digital Orgasm Remixes) A: Adams Power Mix B1: Rehab Mix B2: Radio Edit, Profile Records, 1992
Primal Scream – Loaded EP A: Loaded (Terry Farley Remix) B1: I’m Losing More Than I’ll Ever Have B2: Ramblin’ Rose (Live NYC), Creation Records, 1990
Prince & The NPG – Get Off A: Urge Mix B: Thrust Mix, Paisley Park Records, 1991
Psycotik – Dance To The Rhythm A: Psycotechno Mix B1: French Mix B2: Club Supporter Mix, No Name Records, 1991
Pulp Victim – The World 99 A: Moonman Club Mix B: Lange Remix, NEO Records, 1999
P.W.M – Get Yourself Together A1: The Mix A2: Radio Edit Mix A3: Piano-A-Pella B1: Down Town Mix B2: Instrumental B3: Piano Mix, Underground Records, 1992
Quadrophonia – Quadrophonia A1: Remix A2: Original Remix B1: The Man With The Masterplan B2: The Man With The Masterplan Instrumental, ARS Records, 1990
R.A.F. – We’ve Got To Live Together A1: Club Mix A2: Underground Mix B1: We Gonna Get (Remix) B2: We Gonna Get (7” Edit), PWL Continental, 1992
Ragga & The Jack Magic Orchestra – Where Are They Now? A1: Where Are They Now? A2: Underdog Vocal Mix B: Peshay Vocal Mix, EMI Records, 1997
Raze – All 4 Love (Break 4 Love 1990) A1: Club Mix A2: Dub Instrumental B1: Robs Rap Mix B2: Acapella, Champion Records, 1990
Rebel Mc, Double Trouble – Street Tuff A: Scar Mix B: Club Mix, Desire Records, 1989
Rhythm Device – Acid Rock A: Acid Rock B1: Instrumental B2: France Version, USA Import Music, 1989
Rhythm Eternity –Pink Champagne A1: Pink Champagne A2: MPH Remix A3: Acappella B1: Aftermath B2: Make U Mine, Dead Dead Good Records, 1992
Royal House – Can You Party A: B.Boy Club Mix B1: Instrumental Dub Mix B2: Original Mix, Champion Records, 1988
Royal House – Get Funky A: Long Club Adub Mix B1: Club Mix B2: Dub Mix, Champion Records, 1989
Ruff Driverz – Don’t Stop A: Ballistic Bass Mix B: Scott Garcia Remix, Inferno, 1997
Sappo/BJma – Ding Dong Bass A: Remix B: Dark n Dirty Remix, Rinse Out Records, 1996
Sasha – Xpander EP (2x vinyl) A: Xpander B: Belfunk C: Rabbitweed D: Baja, Deconstruction Records, 1999
SBAM – Just Can’t Get Enough B1: I Want My Freedom Remix B2: Chica Boom Remix, Sonet Publishing, 1991
Science Lab – Flesh & Blood A: Atmo Mix B: 2600 Mix, Mental Radio, 1991
Secci – I Say Yeah! A: Bruce Forests Long Mix B1: Flute On B2: Bruce Forests Incessant Mix, Epic Records, 1991
Serious Danger – Deeper A1: Deeper Pt.1 A2: Wildcat Remix B1: Deeper Pt.2 B2: Love Is Forever (ISB Re-Edit), Fresh Records, 1997
Shade of Rhythm – Sound Of Eden/Sweet Sensation A: Sound Of Eden Original Mix A2: Sweet Sensation Original Mix B1: Sound Of Edn Digital Funk Mix B2: Sound Of Eden X-Press 2’s Vocal Mix, ZTT Records, 1993
Silver Bullet – 20 Seconds to Comply A: 20 Seconds To Comply B1: The Omen Mix B2: Bring Fourth The Guillotine DJBeats, Tam Tam Records, 1989
SJ – I feel Divine A1: Tall Paul Mix A2: Baby Doc’s Hellfire Club Mix B1: Dem2 Remix B2: Steve Thomas Tradetubbies Mix, React Records, 1998
Smallage – Together A: Club Version B: Dub Version, Jack Traxx Records, 1990
Smokin’ Beats Feat. Lyn Eden – Dreams A1: Original Mix A2: Original Mix With Vocal B1: Mongorillo Mix B2: Moreloids Dub Mix, AM:pM Records, 1997
Snap! – The Power A1: Maxi Mix A2: Single Version B: Dub Mix, Arista Records, 1990
Snap! – The Power A: Transformer Mix B: Generator Mix, Arista Records, 1990
Solo – Come On! A1: Come On! A2: pianopella B1: Slogo Mix B2: Paradise Mix, Reverb Records, 1991
Source – Organized Noise (2xLP) A1: Vagator A2: Eclipse B1: Neuromancer B2: The Real Thing C1: Squeeze C2: Analysis D1: Release It D2: Beyond Time, R&S Records, 1993
Southwest Six Vs Young MC – Bustin Loose A: Live IN London Mix B: Bulletproofs Rollerdisco Mix, Not On Label
Spacedust – Unreleased Project A: Good Times, No label, 1998
Stakker – Humanoid A: Humanoid B1: Radio Edit B2: The Omen Mix, Westside Records, 1988
State Of Bengal – Elephant Ride A: Elephant Ride B: Flight IC408, One Little Indian Records, 1997
Staxx – Temptation A1: Mondos Toxic Avenger A2: Staxx Vocal Club Mix B1: Curtis & Moores Temptation Sensation B2: Sharp remix, Champion Records, 1998
Steve Poindexter – Work That Mutha Fucker A1: WWork That Mutha Fucker A2: Computer Madness B1: Chillin With The P B2: Born To Freak, Muzique Records, 1989
Storm – Storm A1: Original Club Mix A2: Man With No Name Mix B: Rollercoasters Pumped Up Mix, Positiva, 1998
Sub Sub – Space Face A: Space Face B: Ecto-Jam-Sub, 10 Records, 1991
Sunscreem – Exodus (Pt. 1) A: Fire & Ice Remix B: Push Remix B2: One Drop Acid Remix, Bonzai Trance Progressive, 1999
Sunship – City Life A1: Original Mix A2: Soul Mix B1 Bush Rangers Mix B2: Minimal Mix, Filter Records, 1997
Sven Van Hees – A1: Burnin’ Fire A2: UR-O Vibes B: Real Pain Atom Records, 1991
S’Xpress – Hey Music Lover A: Good Vibration Mix B1: Have a Nice Day B2: Hey Music Lover (Music Is My Life Mix), Rhythm King Records, 1989
S’Xpress – Hey Music Lover A: The Glass Cut B: Red Giant Mix, Rhythm King Records, 1989
T99 – Anasthasia A1:Out Of History Mix A2:Dub Mix B1:Valentine Boys Rap Mix Pt.1 B2: Valentine Boys Rap Mix Pt.2, XL Recordings, 1991
Technotronic – Pump Up The Jam A: Vocal Attack B1: Original Mix b2: Jam Edit Mix, Swanyard Records, 1989
The Accused Meets DJ Stretch – Session One/The Request A:The Accused – Session One B: DJ Stretch – The Request, A-Ko Recordings, 1997
The End – Extasy Express A1: DBM Remix A2: Fargetta Mix A3: Reprise B1:Digital Boys One & Only Remix B3: Digital Boys Massimo Alberti Mix, Flying Records, 1991
The Future Sound Of London – Papau New Guinea A1: 12” Original A2: Andy Weatherall Mix A3: Dub Mix B1: Journey To Pyramid B2: Monsoon Mix B3: Graham Massey Mix B4: Dumb child Of Q Mix, Jumpin & Jumpin Records, 1992
The KLF – Last Train To Trancentral A: 808 Bass Version B1: 120 Rock Staedy B2: Mu D, KLF Communications, 1991
The Mackenzie – Party People A: Party People B: Freak Mix, USA Import Music, 1989
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