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Jul 19, 2010
Having shared my Liquid Grooves double packs, which have mixes that all go together, I have a number of other Liquid Grooves mixes on my hard drives which I thought were all random odd mixes. I've been checking them against doubles packs that I know exist from photos, ebay and other sites, and all of them but one make up a double. These are what I have left. None of these are duplicate mixes of other mixes that I've already shared. They are labelled as follows, however the dates could of course be wrong?:

Graeme Park - Liquid Grooves 1995
Masters At Work - Liquid Grooves 1994

Maybe they make up this tape pack?

CJ Mackintosh - Liquid Grooves 1995
Which goes with a Tom Waintwright mix (see pic grabbed from YouTube)

Danny Rampling - Liquid Grooves 1996
Jon Pleased Wimmin - Liquid Grooves 1995

The Rampling mix I have has this photo as it's iTunes image. Could the Jon Pleased mix be the other tape from the double pack?:

I also have a...

John Kelly - Liquid Grooves (which has 'db JPW' in its details)

and a

Jon Pleased Wimmin - Liquid Grooves 1994 (could this go with the above John Kelly mix or the Boy George mix from the tape pack below?)

Both mixes are different to the ones in this double that I have already shared. It seems strange that they would do another tape pack with the same DJs, but I guess it's likely?:

These are all different sets, (that are not the same as those already shared on here) many of which were ripped from labelled bootlegs from Jim Tang's mix tape collection.

These are other Liquid Grooves tape packs that I have seen pictures of, but do not have the mixes/rips. Does anyone have any of these or have you got or seen any not featured in this thread?

Liquid Grooves also did what Cream did with their four tape packs. They added random tapes to make up the packs in these cases:

I wonder where these mixes were recorded. Most other 'series' mix tapes end up being re-labelled mixes from other recordings, but as far as I am aware none of the Liquid Grooves mixes to date that I surfaced are.