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Apr 4, 2009
Hi everyone,

Got into house/dance/techno at the KU CLub in huddersfield in abt '89 and loved it ever since
I started Djing at abt 17-18 when we used to all get together with a set of turntables in my house
after seeing how it was done. My first one bought from carboot at 3.50 ( hey it had a pitch second didn't so had to manually keep it up with the other tune :)
Spent most of Raving days either in huddersfield or the Gallery in Leeds (Still number one club in my eyes)
Love Dj Sy (Scratching god) and tried scratchin and found i was actually quite good at it ( i think) ha ha

Slowly built up my collection of classics and probably have in the region of 2000 vinyl records.

Hope to play a bit more on here soon.