C.J. Mackintosh @ Progress - August / Sept 1993

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Feb 2, 2008
I thought I would repost this up for anyone that missed it, this and a quite few other posts got deleted by mistake, I will also repost my other sets.

I didnt the get chance to grab any of the track lists or any other additional info that may have been done, so plz feel free to add them if you have any.

Pm me for the key
Ripped from my orig tape.


Cover made by Henry :thumbsup:
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Oct 26, 2001
Scottish Borders
CJ Mackintosh @ Progress, Derby 29th May 1993
1. Reel To Real - Go On Move (D.P. Dub)
2. D.I.M. Concept - Se Sue Remix [Vibe]
3. Luv Factory - Baby I Got It (Miami Club Mix) [Colors]
4. X-Press 2 - London X-Press (The Journey Continues)
5. Janet Jackson - Thats The Way Love Goes (CJ's Unreleased Cosmack Piano Dub)
6. Martha Wash - Runaround (Tee's Dub To Dub)
7. The Cover Girls - Wishing On A Star (Magic Sessions Dub)
8. D:Ream - U R The Best Thing (Mo Beats Pt II)
9. Eric Perez Project - Release (Classic Mix)
10. Joint Venture - Come On (The Mix)
11. Seven Grand Housing Authority - The Question
12. Lil' Louis - I Called U (The Conversation)
13. [66:00] "do you love me" repeated male/organ
14. Loni Clark - Rushing (FXTC Dub Mix)
15. Loni Clark - Rushing (CJ's Club Mix)
16. Masters At Work feat India - I Cant Get No Sleep (Kenlou 12" Mix)
17. Freedome Williams - Voice Of Freedom (House Of Freedom Mix)

similar to - CJ Mackintosh (& Tony Humphries) @ MoS Tour, Bellingham Castle, Ireland, 21st May 93
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