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It all started with collecting rave tapes at the beginning of the 90s while I was at high school. I was immediately hooked on the rave sound. Got my first set of decks soon after, mixing house, techno and breakbeat. After a while I moved on to the faster beats of happy hardcore (still love a good piano riff) and drum and bass.

Me and my mates frequented the likes of Life @ Bowlers, Angels and Club Kinetic from 92-96 and had some of the best times.

Drum and Bass in the late 90s and early 00s was my golden era, I fell in with a good crew as one of the founding members and resident at LiveVeviL, a monthly Friday event at Glasgow School of Art from 2000-2005 hosting the likes of Shy FX, Pendulum, Total Science, Simon Bassline Smith, Optical, Matrix, Logistics, Breakage and Loxy to name a few. Good times for sure.

These days I've rekindled my love of old school house, going back over old tapes and collecting the tunes I had no idea the names of when I was out raving. I love playing old skool house, hardcore and everything inbetween. I also love playing more eclectic electronica and techno, so if you hear me playing The Orb at any point, you'll know why :)