Parky, Seaman, Healy, Jon Pleased, Whitehead etc @ Naughty But Nice, Hereford 1994-98

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Feb 2, 2008
Damn that is a pisser! I am not really sure I trust these cloud storage outfits too much, they always seem to operate in shady locations and I do wonder what they do with the stuff you upload, and log your IP and so on. Seems some method of solid storage is the best option, although I had one of the older portable hard drives and lost 500gb of downloaded stuff:(
TBH I'm not that fussed, pretty much everyone has downloaded what was there anyways, and I have back ups etc


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I've just noticed the same has happened to my account, I had missed the emails from them saying I had not logged on in a while and they would be deleting my files.
That'll be what happened to me as I used a throwaway email address so they didn't have my real one and I never monitored the mailbox
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