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Sep 13, 2007
Been selling a few bundles recently and have one left , thought id see if anyone wanted it on here before I sell it else where :)

Been clearing some space as I'm potentially moving and need to clear some vinyl out so been selling bundles of 100 tunes for £200 . Random stuff really , abit of techno , house , hardcore , italo .

The condition on most is vg+ but some are vg to good and same for the sleeves . Some are promos whites etc .

Be ideal for a seller really as alot of these go for £8+ on oggs & first few on the list seem to go for £15+

I would post for free , so £200 for the lot but If these are of no interest to anyone then that's all good :)

Rainbow zone - vol 1
S-cape ep vol 1
Intoxicate - intoxicate EP
The crowdpleasers - kick ya legs
Indie UK - Apollonia
Desired state - dance the dream/work my body
Back2front - A.b.h.o
Flipped out - basstab/love bomb
Newton - Club class EP
Jason joy - free your body
Unknown artist - u wanna push it
Finesse & skill - gotta be tough
Dj Pierre - come fly with me
Offshore - I can't take the power (mosaic)
The project - kick the house
Various - something for deejays
1001 people - ao ao
Dj Le Roy - bocachica
Solo - come on
Bowa - different story
Gems for jem - everybody! groove me
With it guys - feel alright
X-groove - feel the power
X-static - free
Silo 7 - higher
Sample boys - I can't take it anymore
Various - I'll be back EP
T.k.j - let me hear you (say yeah)
Neverland - mato grosso
Pacha - one kiss
Sonic experience 2 - the phuture is now
Nancy color - we can make it
Utah saints - what can you do for me(transformer remix)
T.i.f.o - you
Maria short - change the way
Toxic two - chemical reaction
Eden - do you feel 4 me
R.f.t.r - don't beg for love
Hysteria - energy express
Hysteria - energy express (summer mixes)
Three boys - get into my life
Dayeene - Good thing EP
The models - good time
The affection - heaven found
Think 2wice - heaven in your eyes
Erire - I just can't give you up
D-tech - I wanna groove you baby
Back by demand - part 3
Heliotropic - walk with me
Love & fate - part 2
Fantastic max - turn it out
K3m - listen to the rhythm
Route 66 - love is
Various - public demand EP
T de R - stick together
49ers - the message
Various - underground selection 3/92
B.f.i - why not jazz
Spectrum - your love
Indie - Apollonia
Vertigo - back to love
La rue - cathedral song
Kaos - definition of love
Boomshanka - do you have the power
Son of god - free up the land (hyper go go)
The Goodmen - give it up ( remix)
Tears of joy - heaven
Glam - hells party (remix)
Gypsy - I trance you
The funky bunch - message
Sunscreem - pressure us
Miro - pure silk
Ripe - summer fruits EP
Capella - u got 2 know (revisited)
Secchi - we are easy to love (remix)
Full bandwidth - come on
Sense of sight - drop to fly
U.k movin - foreplay EP
Dansatak - heaven in mind
Red eye - kut it
Joy for life - life is EP
Questo mondo - me amore
Bone masters - party time
Fubar - power of love
Robin reliant - sincere
The Delorme - Spanish fly EP
Sultana - the AMO
Tocayo - all night
40 DD - dancefloor destruction
Hi lux - feel it (dj professor mix)
Rise in sin - happy days
Bowa - kinetics EP
West 1 - let the world know
Finito - movin 2 music
Pcp vol 1
C n Williams - reach up
Chapter 1 - throw your hands up
Bb club - give me love
Gypsy - I trance you ( remixes)
Unknown artist - liberty 3
Back by demand - part one
Indigo - shell shocked
Tom Wilson - the phantasy
C n Williams - u got the love
Ground control - we build it up
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