Tape request - Grooverider @ The Orbit & Ark - Leeds Corn Exchange 22nd August 92

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May 10, 2005
Alright peeps. I've been able to find / replace most of my favourite tapes from Ye Olde Ravey Days except this one! The tape I had was just labeled Grooverider @ Orbit August 92 so I'm pretty sure it was at this event. I've searched high and low, on and off for years but just can't find anything about the Grooverider set from this event. No tape rips or even any tracklists.

Does anyone have a copy of his set from this night? I can find a few other Grooverider sets from Orbit (Google insists I'm looking for Grooverider - into Orbit but it's not that).

There's not much I remember about the tracks on it but I remember the tape started off with some non-Grooveridery tracks which was probably the end of someone else's set. There was a nice chilled out house-track that featured some lush strings before his set started, and I do remember Neuromancer - Pennywise featuring at some point. I also think Maximum Peak - The Force was in there too.

Any help or info on this would be massively appreciated.