Stu Allan *RIP*

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Jul 19, 2001
Just woke up to this really sad news of Manchester legend Stu Allan :cry::cry:. If it wasn’t for him and his radio shows between 1987-1993 I doubt I would have been into the House scene as much as I was back in the day. God bless Stu. Hope you are rocking the heavens looking over us all…..:cry:
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Shocked at the very very sad news of Stu passing too young & too soon... wishing Stu's family & friends heartfelt condolences & sympathy... especially to those that knew Stu from the OSA board not least Tony B... thinking of you Butty.. xxx

PS sharing a set which was one of THE tape sets for me & my friends in the Midlands from the summer of 1991 - this tape was legendary, long before I came across OSA & managed to get the set track listing ID'd (thanks to all who contributed)

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