Site update: OSA App, new media gallery and giphy gifs!

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Jul 15, 2001
Just installed an update to the site which has lot of improvements, a couple of the main ones that you could find useful are:

Giphy Gifs!​

You can now search giphy for gifs both in forum posts and in the chat room, go wild. :D

New Media Gallery​

The gallery has been improved and has a lightbox now, makes the flyer archive much better.

The OSA App​

Currently only works on everything but Apple it seems, you can install it in chrome on your desktop and on android phones as shown in the images below (if you cannot see the install button you might need to delete your temp files and do a hard refresh of your browser).

The app on the phone is handy as you can play OSA radio on the app whilst doing other stuff on your browser etc without it going off.

To install:​



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