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Aug 11, 2005
Well what an ace night It pissed it down but a few danced in the rain,
Shouts to all that put the effort in.
Carl who played an early and dry prog set on the fisher price laptop
Duke who came up trumps with the speakers and played sum niiiice hip hop and proper electro
Jiggz Top set mate nice breaks
Mim Who played a wicked set and a favorate with her fellow ladies and some gents.
Mongo formula smoker, nice to meet you and was excellent to meet u all and please come down again.
Pete with the proper oldskool sound top man
Benny birthday set absolutly rokkt all the favs
The trucker could not play because his lappy crashed,
(vinyl is king).
another top night and i hope it was enjoyed by all.


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Mar 21, 2005
First off, big thanks to Alex and Benny for inviting me along to play. I've never played out before with my own records, so I was well made up to get the chance:king:

Myself, Misstickle and Mark got there a bit later than planned thanks to a few setbacks on the motorways, but that wasn't going to stop us - despite us drawing up a contingency plan for if we got there and it was a washout due to the heavy rain, but we got there in the end thanks to Benny guiding us in the last couple of hundred metres and they'd done a cracking job covering most of the Terrace area to keep the rain off :thumbsup: As soon as we arrived and saw the crowd outside and heard the sound system from the street, my face lit up, the Duke was knocking out The Incredible Bongo Band's 'Apache' or West Street Mob's Electric Boogie and it sounded truly fookin immense with the PA system they have:cool:

We got in there and met the rest of the crew, then after Duke finished his set with Scorpio, it was me up next. I think it went quite well:D

Then Misstickle up next and she was brilliant and really got the crowd bouncing with her nu school breaks :cool:

Ezee changed the direction again with old school techno and breaks and played a quality set, followed up by Benny who raised the bar further still and had the entire crowd bouncing along to some banging tunage and finally, Alex kept them there:thumbsup:

Absolutely brilliant night that had me bouncing along like a goon for most of it as it was right up my street with the music policy. The crowd was spot on and it really was the best night i've had out in ages and i'll defo be back sometime soon. It almost felt like we were at an illegal rave:cool:

Really nice to meet Simzzzz too finally, a really top bloke who wouldn't let me buy him a drink for the favour he did me a while back:king:

Nice one chaps, this is what nights should be about:king:


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top night really enjoyed it:thumbsup:
great to meet jiglo, misstickle and slaggymong ( who i thought was a girl for some reason lol:$ )

benny doing his turbo from breakdance routine with his broom lol trying to get the water off the tarpauling leaking roof:king:

usual great sets from duke, benny and ezee.
misstickle and jiglo rocked the place to with great sets.:thumbsup: :king:

all in all a top night and i got a raging hangover to prove it:$


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Apr 2, 2004
upgraded to Didsbury!
Well I finally got my ass down there and was absolutely gutted....

that I hadn't made it down to Picks sooner:D ;)

The whole set up, atmosphere and crowd were remeniscent of old skool outdoor raves and parties but with the right blend of old skool and nu skool. There was definantly a breakbeat feel to the night but each DJ played a completely unique set and bought something new to the table!

We showed up over half an hour late for our set, like proper divas, so only caught the end of Duke's set. (we would have got there on time but it's difficult to follow a purple line when slaggymong's piling you with vodka and making you laugh....lol) Anyway, we finally got to Wales:p to catch Duke dropping some serious old electro beats.

Then Jim played a cool, smooth, chilled old skool breaks set...perfecto mixing dude.

Some strange bird who kept getting in all the pics played next....I think her name was whalley!

Ezee played all the tunes that you love but never hear out...fab!

Benny eventually put down his broom and got the crowd rocking their tits off with some serious classics.

And last but not least Alex who mashed up old and nu in the genius way he does!God damn, I wish I could mix like that!

Good to see Jim, Slaggy and Duke and lovely to finally meet up with Alex and Benny, my breakbeat boyz :heart: Had a great chat with Funky trucker and his mate with a better beard than me lol. Simzz, Ezee, Debs, all the hot girlies, everyone who's name I forgot coz I was a bit stoned and everyone who was related to Benny lol!

Loved it......and the broom! :) :cool:


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wat a fooookin brill nite , was nice to see tickle (who god dam rocked the crowd ) jiglo (who played a mint set too) slaggymong (the northern toker)simzzz n media , ezee played sum propa mint choooonz , benny's set was ace , n big AL (the cnut who kept hittin me ) sweeet set as alwayz ,
hope the rain stays off next time n wud deffo like to ere tickle again hats off to all that travelled


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Oct 5, 2004
im like herpes....never quite fcuk hoff!!!
glad it went well for you all......absolutly gutted i couldnt make it but thats another story!

i spoke to mim yesterday and she said she farkin loved it and that she should have listened to me ages ago when i asked her to come down for a piks event last year..........

guys n gals this event is excellent, vibe, tunes, venue, crowd, what more can you ask for on a night out:thumbsup: