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Mar 28, 2012
Inside the Box

Right - So it's been a while - But now its time to throw one down for the OSA crews, old and new. As you know OSA has been whetting your appetites since before oldskool was even oldskool, and now being one of the longest running oldskool only internet sites on the planet, we helped to keep peeps chillin' and buzzin' through covid and all that malarkey and its time to deliver that - "Hey . . . you're even cooler in real life than I even thought possible" experiences . . .

soooooooo . . . on Sat 17th September we're givin' it full beans and would be honoured if the old, new and all olskool crew to drop in and do what you do best. Its not been an easy task - mainly because sorting DJ's is akin to herding cats and our choices are so vast, but we wanted to deliver a mix of what OSA truly is . . a community.
With this in mind we went for a mix of existing and yesteryear DJ's that you all know very, very well. Some have played for OSA live before, some haven't, some are pioneers of the scene - some aren't - either way, you wont find a better line up to fill your Oldskool boots.

Barrie Jay, a pioneer of the Blackpool scene said "OSA were some of the first guys to get me back into the oldskool vibe - So it's only fitting that I repay the loyalty and play out my last ever oldskool set to the OSA crew". This really is Barries Last Oldskool outing, so lets make it one to be proud of.

Tickets are limited and by recommendation, request or invite only - We want this to be a no fuss, rock solid night. There is no skiddle or public sales etc - just direct from our OSA ticket team via paypal friends and family, or good old coin if need be. The team will privately let you know where to send funds and get your address for tickets to be sent out to.

This is a private fun loving party for one night only this year so obviously we cant fit everyone in that we would like. A big thank you to those who threw their name in the hat - It would be el magnifico if you can all make it and throw your hands in the air.

This year we're doing Zombie Shack in Manchestoh - An intimate and sweaty gig for about 150 heads. Get your hotels and after shizzness sorted . . .
Zombie Shack · 50 New Wakefield Street, M1 5NP Manchester

For tickets & info see Billyrave, S-J, Cano or SaySay. Don't Dilly Dally - See you there \o/ \0/ \o/
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