OSA Do - Take 2! 1st April 2023

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So, we know the market is supersaturated with many amazing events over the next year to come!

But I'm here and I'm calling all our OSA Crew, Old & New as we are doing it again, we are giving you our souls and doing another super OSA bash...

The last one was filled with so many happy faces and friendships that were formed way over 20 years ago because of Anthony Butler www.oldskoolanthems.com and his Old Skool Web Forum... It has also brought a shedload of the new crew in as well...

Dance? Ha! We danced our asses off all over again... And well on the 1st April it's time to do it all over again!

We only have a very small amount of tickets left now so if you want to come and play out as we did back then, well I suggest you give either me a shout, Billy Rave or Neil Cano Hernandez asap...

If your names not down, you will not get in! This is for you!

OSA! OSA! Long Live our OSA!!!

@butty @billyrave @CANO ...