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Nov 3, 2021
Hi guys,
I'm a old skool raver from South London...always liked my choonz from electro Street sounds, house ( original 80's) , acid, rave.
I had 1210's back in the day...pretty much brought them with my 1st wages back in 1988...
I used to do house parties in my old council estate and even did a couple of clubs in London.
Got rid of my decks in 1995...mainly coz I wanted the cash...I really would love my original decks back...I remember when I took them both apart to change the target light bulb....I scatched my name and message's into the case ( slate like inside ya know).

Anyway...I recently got my kid a turntable for the stuff he listens to....I got him a stanton T92mk2 and you know what ..I was well impressed with it and for £100..it was pretty close to 1210's...obviously nothing beats the OG

So im thinking of buying a set...I still got all my choonz from back in the day in the loft.....so hopefully.....im back