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Matt Spencer

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Feb 2, 2016
Hello Matt Spencer here. Ive played for OSA now over 2 years. I have a regular residency every Thursday night i play live sets on the 1210's i love my early prog stuff and b sides. Stuff what never gets played really. I have done live nights for OSA in Preston a few times. I just love the buzz around this site. I got into this type of music back in the 90's listening tapes from Legends in Warrington Rewind Nights with Noggy,Adam Wilson and Andy Garvey. My favorite DJ is Vertigo his lost and found tapes from back in 92 was something special and that is who i try and get my style off. Ive been fortunite to DJ with some of the best Oldskool Djs around on Lineups around the northwest. the likes of Nipper, Mark EXC, Pianoman, K-KLASS which is a privelige. Ive Dj'd for nights such as Shindigs, Vinylism, Progress and Free To Dance. Hope you can all tune into my live shows live and exclusive on OSA every Thursday.