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Right Im getting my landline put into my flat tomorrow and Im going to need to get on internet asap (cos its killing me not having it at home lol :crazy: )

Right, Im not planning on staying in my flat for very long, so I need one without a contract. It would be great if I could get broadband, cos Im used to that and dial up is going to crucify me :S but I will go to dial up if I have to :(

So does anyone know anywhere that will fulfill all my needs :eyebrow: ;)


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Apr 4, 2002
Hi sweet.

I had freeserve dial up for a bit before they conected my broadbeans.

I used the pay monthly one which keeps changing in price but was round about 13 squids and thats anytime. Or you can have pay as you go but thats exactly wat it says and worked out pretty expensive for me.

There is a broadbeans supplier that does offer a one month termination period if you really cant stand dial up.


Check these out and see wat ya think ;)

Ok Ive looked at that plusnet one, and it seems quite good and if you reccommend it fuggy it must be ok ;) but what does it mean by choose your own hardware ? And is the £14.99 thingy ok with the 1GB usage ??? Please help someone, its all gargon to me :axe: :confused:

Tom- we had virgin before and then we changed for some reason (I dont know why, but if there was a reason to change then it cant have been good :S ) ta tho :thumbsup:


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Mar 30, 2003
In a world of my own

on there you get a list of all the top ADSL providers not only that theres a compare list which gives you there speeds cost reliability support which is all voted for by the people who already are getting the service by that ISP

Personally If I were you Zen Internet has the best reviews and there based in Rochdale.

However if you can get cable theres no contest for reliablility and cheapness I wish we could get it up here, also there 1 meg line is as cheap as BT's 512 and cables 512 downloads about 10KBS faster than any 512 ADSL pipe ive been on through a BT land line. I wish we could get it up here but cant. :(

anyway the choice is yours but have a look at the different providers youll be surprised :)