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Dec 13, 2020
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North West

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Old Skool, Nu Skool,

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20 years and a bit


A bit about me. My name is Phil Dewhurst. I was born in 1972 and grew up in Clitheroe, I'm now living in Gt Harwood (Hometown of Monroes) After being in love with music my whole life my Djing journey started in the mid 80's when I was mixing with a single turntable and a tape deck. I used to listen to Electro, House music, Hip House & Acid House music. I bought my first set of 1210's back in 1988. I can say I loved every minute of playing on my decks. I lived through the Acid House scene. (Crazy times) illegal parties "every" weekend. The illegal parties (raves) ran from 1988-1991 in Blackburn near to where I'm from and then after they were banned it moved into the clubs and the super clubs. My love of music took me on to Djing house parties and small clubs local to where I live. I have to say my vinyl collection was pretty impressive as I'd been buying records from 1985 - 2000. I made the decision in 2004 to sell all my equipment and all my beloved vinyl (A very sad day indeed) The one thing I made sure of before selling was I got all my music backed up in digital format. Fast forward to 2020 I'm now the proud owner of my first controller the Denon DJ Prime 4.
Music is Life 🙌
House, Acid House, Old Skool House, Paradise Garage, Nu Skool, Trance, Electro, Hard House. Deep House, Tech House, Progressive House.

Sorry to waffle on and bore you to death. That's my story so far 🎵🎶


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