Economix EP - Vinyl reissue

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Economix EP - Vinyl reissue​

The massive 4 track economix ep from 1992 has had a limited reissue, and it is an essential for your collection!​

Back in the early 2000's this was the sort of vinyl that collectors considered selling organs for, often going for £100+ if it ever did pop up.

Word on the street is the reissue has been remastered and it is sounding sweet. Check out 2 of the 4 tracks on the ep below and if you want one you need to contact Bill Vega here and ask him reallly nicely. Once they gone, they gone!

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Been after this since i missed out on the 2006 repress, always thought it would remain pretty cheap after that, have been tempted the last couple of years to fork out a ton + for it so this is a bargain!