Breeze - Transmission 1995

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Feb 2, 2008
I posted this quite a while back on HOH, dont know if it got shared here or not ?

Im not sure on the authenticity of this tape, all I have is the info thats on the tape :dontknow:
I have no case or cover, the hand writing on the tape isn't mine or my mates.

If anyone has anymore info plz let me know

Breeze - Transmission 1995

Many thanks to Scott for the Tracklist below
00:00 East Village Loft Society - Manhattan Anthem (An Englishman's Search)
01:30 ? "rip it up, tear it up"
08:00 H2O feat Billie - Satisfied (Take Me Higher)
11:30 Thelma Houston - Don't Leave Me This Way (Joe T. Vannelli Dubby Mix)
16:00 Androgeny feat Michael M - Let's Talk About Me (So Hard Mix)
20:20 Happy Clappers - I Believe
26:00 Unit 46 - I Cant Help Myself
29:20 ? "jump jump"
32:10 Digi-Soul - Lift Me Up (Digi-Soul's Lift Mix)
36:10 ? "higher higher" male
41:30 preacher
42:00 i can feel it
48:00 The Gloo Factory - The Hoe Down (Do-Si-Do-Mix)
53:20 whistle
59:00 Nightcrawlers - Push The Feeling On
66:40 Rockmelons - Loves Gonna Bring You Home
72:30 Love Happy - Message Of Love
80:00 The Bucketheads - The Bomb (These Sounds Fall Into My Mind)
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Jul 19, 2010
Shit, Jonny this must be this! Got to be surely?