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    Tim & Laurie - Venus, Nottingham - Feb 1993

    Another Venus set for your listening pleasure - better sound quality this time. :D Free Cloud Storage - MediaFire
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    Laurie - Venus, Nottingham - July 1992

    As promised, another Venus set. Hissy as hell, especially the first half.... can someone do a clean up job on this? ;) Laurie - Venus, Nottingham - Jul-92.mp3
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    Roger Sanchez - Love Groove Dance Party - 4/11/95

    The S Man sitting in for Rampling. Roger Sanchez - Love Groove Dance Party - 04-Nov-1995.mp3 Orchestra 7 - Rhumba Fathers Of Sound - Love, Peace & Joy DJ Disciple - Ten Steps To Heaven Kathy Brown - I Appreciate (Benji Candelario Mix) Barbra Tucker - Stay Together (Frankie Feleciano Mix) C&C...
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    Danny Rampling - Essential Selection - 24/2/95 & 3/3/95

    Danny Rampling sat in on the Essential Selection for a couple of weeks. Especially for jcolbourne78... thanks for all the other great Rampling uploads. 24/2/95 Danny Rampling - Essential Selection - 24-Feb-1995.mp3 3/3/95 Danny Rampling - Essential Selection - 03-Mar-1995.mp3 Brady will...
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    Pete Tong - Essential Selections - 1999

    I know this is moving slightly out of old skool territory but this is the last year I recorded the show and thought I'd share these for those who are interested. Loads of shows here... including Hot Mixes by Guy Ornadel, Tom Middleton, Laurent Garnier & Jazzy M. Enjoy!
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    Pete Tong - Essential Selections - 1998

    One Essential Selection from each month of 1998. Tracklistings to follow. Free File Hosting Made Simple - MediaFire
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    Pete Tong - 12 x 1997 Essential Selections

    Pete Tong - Essential Selections - 1997 With Hot Mixes from Tall Paul, Howie B & Dan Kahuna included. Tracklistings to follow..... Free File Hosting Made Simple - MediaFire **Added a pile more including Hot Mixes from Basement Jaxx, DJ Harvey, DJ Heaven, Jose Padilla, Laurent Garnier, Norman...
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    Pete Tong - 12 x 1996 Essential Selections

    12 Essential Selection shows from 1996. Hot Mixes from Seb Fontaine & Brandon Block & Alex P included. Free File Hosting Made Simple - MediaFire Tracklistings courtesy of Brady. 19th Jan 1996 1. The Prodigy - Firestarter [XL] 2. PM Dawn - Sometimes I Miss You So Much [Gee Street] 3. Babylon...
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    12 x 1995 Essential Selections

    Recently I grabbed a whole pile of tapes from my mum's loft. These are mainly filled with Essential Selections 1992-1999 with some other shows thrown in. I've noticed there are hardly any 90's Essential Selections on the web so thought I'd start ripping some of these tapes. Unfortunately...