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  1. Jigsaw

    Allister Whitehead & Jeremy Healy @ Bangkok 1994

    I wonder if them denon.s he is using are the newest one's that you can stream your music from or even add a hdd so all your music is at your fingers tips
  2. Jigsaw

    Allister Whitehead & Jeremy Healy @ Bangkok 1994

  3. Jigsaw

    Lidl belt drive turntable versus Technics SL-1210GR!!

    listen at 4. 28 once again jay is phrasing the vl12 and with the feed back issue and the wobbly platter this was resolved by Denon in the later ones at least they fixed their issues.
  4. Jigsaw

    Lidl belt drive turntable versus Technics SL-1210GR!!

    Just listen what he says about the denons in this video I have owned 1210 mr2 brand new had them for a few years and the technics is not a better deck the technic are not perfect they don't hold the beat on everything the denons are a lovely turntable mine never had any feed back issue their...
  5. Jigsaw

    With Christmas round the corner outside decoration are up!!!

    In my old house we use to put hardly no decorations up outside but this year we're made a effort, my Mrs hard work has paid off.
  6. Jigsaw

    Happy Days!!! Just bought myself a new tape deck

    I have just bought one of these just under a £100 with postage a YAMAHA KX-480 what is one of the later ninety's models 96/97/98 , but the 380, 390, 393 Models sound slightly better because they have a different head preamp than the 480, 490, 580, I personally do not like the look of the...
  7. Jigsaw

    Ripping Software, Adobe Audtion, Audacity & others....

    I missed this post probably was started when I was away from the forum for a few months Audacity is crap in my opinion it crashes all the time it just a nightmare but for free it get's the job done I use Adobe Audition CS6 what is very hard to configure but once you have it configured...
  8. Jigsaw

    Audacity Recording Issue.

    Now I have looked at the photos am pretty sure it the Behringer UCA 222 USB causing the issue and not your mixer have you got a manel with it see if everything is set up correctly,
  9. Jigsaw

    Audacity Recording Issue. I would try this forum if your having issue with your computer more geeks on their. my hunch is its something to do with the way your sound card is set up. have you tried google to see what answers come up, I have never not been able to resolve a issue with...
  10. Jigsaw

    Allister Whitehead & Jeremy Healy @ Bangkok 1994

    I do that with all the time now with my tapes , up load them to youtube and the tracks that youtube don't get I try mixcloud (y) and I might know some of them.
  11. Jigsaw

    Gatecrasher Mixes Tall Paul, Mark Moore, Boy George & John Kelly

    I have seen Scott Bond live in 2000 might of been earler gatecrasher were doing a tour up the UEA Norwich I can't remember who else was playing but it was a great night. I think it was mainly progressive house so right up my street.
  12. Jigsaw

    Ian Ossia & John Digweed Boxed 1995 (Recorded @ DeJa-Vu, Hull - 70s Man Is Feeling Lucky)

    Am not gutted that I did not go out in 95 but I was living in Cambridge training to be a painter & decorator, but I got into going to events in late 96 when I moved back to Norwich when my brother started the UEA I was collecting tapes then but all mine were brand new straight out the record...
  13. Jigsaw

    Ian Ossia & John Digweed Boxed 1995 (Recorded @ DeJa-Vu, Hull - 70s Man Is Feeling Lucky)

    the ian ossia was done at Deja Vu Hull, A guy on the mic says "lets be having your DeJa Vu"
  14. Jigsaw

    DJ Skuce Hung Up (Grin) May 1992

    cheers for these as well Pukka (y):p
  15. Jigsaw

    Dr S Gachet - Elite Sounds 1994

    Cheers for this am going to give this a spin am guessing this is jungle love a bit of early jungle 😍 😍 😍 😍
  16. Jigsaw

    John Digweed (& Roy The Roach) - Lost in Space Nov '94 (request)

    This is my all time favourite mix of all time, it's one belter after of the other 😍 😍 :p:p if you want a rip let me know (y)
  17. Jigsaw

    House Tune of the day

    Another fantastic tune :cool::p
  18. Jigsaw

    House Tune of the day

    I can't remember if I have already added this, it's one of my all time favourite tunes this tune kick arse 😍😍😍