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    Government to Inroduce Noise Limiting In Nightclubs - HAVE YOUR SAY! SAY NO!!

    It seems the government are going for a nationwide legislation that will limit the sound levels in ALL UK entertainment venues. Doing this will obviously mean no more ringing ears when you put your furry little head on the pillow after a night out. But, do you really want that!?! The...
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    Hacienda 25 Exhibition @ Urbis, Manchester - 19th JUL to 17th FEB - FAC 491

    19th JULY '07 - 17th FEB 08 @ URBIS, Manchester Take a step back 25 years in time to the halcyon days of the Madchester music era and revisit the Hacienda, the legendary nightclub that became an international phenomenon and changed the face of the city forever. Walk through the world famous...
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    Anything going on in Manchester on NYE?

    Any events happening with an old skool flavour in Manchester on NYE? Don't fancy going outside city centre. Far too expensive for taxi's and the like. Any idea's?
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    PCP or Trotters?

    What tracks do you think are best as a whole? Piano City Productions or the Trotter's series? Both involve the same producers and/or production styles but sound slightly different to each other. Who's body of work comes out on top?
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    MISSING / Compulsion & Vibealite @ Boddingtons, Mcr 20/10/06

    I'd been looking forward to this event for ages. Arrived at the brewery around 9.30pm only to be told that EVERY person must have ID to get in despite how old they look which was fine for most of us except for 2 members of our party who had to go home in a taxi to get theirs! It took us 30...
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    You Tube - Post your favourites here

    Only discovered this site today as it was on the news (being taken over by the major players). I could post hundreds of videos on here but lets use this thread to post some of the best... Here's one of my offerings... - Serves him right the dozy tw@t!
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    Sick-ass moves!!

    Check this out This web site is ace, only discovered it today! Bit behind on me tinternetage ya see.
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    FrontPage helpage required

    Hiya peeps, You know the status bar at the bottom of IE browser page, and how it shows the address of a link when you hover over it. How do you encode your pages so that this doesn't happen. You know like when some sites have rolling marquee type messages on there instead. I'm using...
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    Welcome to Bigchris25!

    Can we give a warm OSA welcome to my extra tall cousin Bigchris25! Some of u guys may have seen him with me at the past 2 Evo nights. Welcome to the board :thumbsup:
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    Nicole - Rock The House (Accapella) - MP3 or WAV

    If anyones got this, it'd be much appreciated if they could whip it over for me on msn. Mine pops and crackles like a bowl of rice crispies :o My addy is: Muchas Gracias :thumbsup:
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    80's Action film stars. Who's best?

    Who King of the 80's Action films? Gotta be Arnie ain't it? :bigcool: :tonksi:
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    GameCube Owners. Prepare to lose some sleep!

    Mario Kart is back! Mario Kart Arcade GP is developed by Namco and will also appear in arcade's. Scheduled for a release in December 2005, its only rumoured to be released on GC as they may hold back the release to coincide with the Nintendo Revolution but this is doubtful as the Revolution is...
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    Anyone know what this samples? Not heard it meself, but if its anything like Wit#02 then should be good. 10" coloured vinyl it is.
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    Facemaker! This'll be fun, create someone off the board or a celebrity and post it on here This is my self-portrait
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    Grimmy VS. Mariah - Someday

    Just thought I'd share this with ya, just playing around one afternoon ages ago and came up with this. Great what you can do with a handful of samples and a simple music making program thingy :) Only low quality like and the samples aren't spot on, but have a butchers anyway phones...
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    Tony Wilson DJ Set @ Kings Arms Pub, Manchester - Sat 9th April

    Birthday Party is holding their 5th event at the Kings Arms in Salford. For every event, they have an artist design a pin badge to wear. The design for this event comes from the legend that is Peter Saville. And because Peter Saville can't be there on the night, Factory's Tony Wilson will be...
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    DJ SY 3 hour set @ Hidden THIS SUNDAY. With Butty, Recca & Co.

    Full deets for the event are here: At Hidden, High Street, Manchester (across the road from the Arndale) A day of full on drinking and raving from 1pm-10pm. Who's up fer it?
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    VISION Easter WEEKENDER! 25/26/27 March

    Easter Weekend sees Vision put on its BIGGEST event ever! 3 Days of madness spread across 2 venues in Manchester. Check this out... FRIDAY 25th MARCH THE VISION ICE Residents WARM UP DJs: Grimmy, Lee Pollitt, Bobbo & Dezire 10pm til 3am at HIDDEN, High St, M/c £5 on the door ********...
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    Mario 64 - The Remix

    The new handheld Nintendo DS is released in 5 days. Mario returns with a new re-vamped version of Mario 64 with new levels and the ability to play as Luigi, Yoshi and that fat geezer Wario. Anyone who owned a 64 should deffo get their hands on one of these. Apparently, GoldenEye is to be...
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    ICE 1st Birthday @ Hidden 4/3/05

    2 words...Totally Rockin! Wicked atmosphere all night long! Dancefloor was full from start to finish, everyone was well up for it! Once again, the attendance continues to rise, we've not quite filled the place as of yet, but we're getting there! Photographers from Manchesteronline's Busted crew...