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    happy days 26/12/2007

    :D wot a top night rhythm fx played a good set then jay abela played a nice oloder set which kind of emptied the club then andy p played a beauty with danny ,smoke n bmw mcing then funky b n rikkee turned up and the club changed to sequins 95 lol same rhymes n,mixes i lvved it :heart:
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    help needed

    i got the cd pack from happy days yesterday saved em all to my pc and wanna share em but they were all coming up in the search as seperate tunes i put all the tunes in a folder each 4 eacjh dj now i dont know how to share em help much appreciated
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    trix new dawn

    i know its a very long shot but has any1 got trix on newdawn scratching sbam - chickaboom into sld - getting out think numero uno is on there as well if any 1 knows wot im on about or got the set plzplzplz pm me cheer allan
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    matt bell dropping his ghetto blaster 92/93?

    1st upload if it dont work sue me Send big files the easy way. Files too large for email attachments? No problem!