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  1. oldskoolkidder


    Thought id keep everything in one place (admin please move around into the rite bit if chillout not the one). Absolute quality day saturday just gone please check out the mixes from the weekend below! :) LOVED UP LINKS Facebook - if your on FB give the page a like - all future events and...
  2. oldskoolkidder


    Happy birthday mate 🥳
  3. oldskoolkidder

    Mike Stewart - Back In Time tracklistings

    Crowdpleasers of 95 Vol.2 Includes Passion, Shimmy Shake, Everybody, Don't Go... 1. Bump - Im Rushing '95 2. Crystal Waters - Relax 3. Sugar Baby ‎– Miss You So 4. The Solid Collective - Can You Feel It (Piano Mix) 5. ? - Feel Good 6. Androgeny feat Michael M - I Could Be This 7. The 28th...
  4. oldskoolkidder

    Post a Pic of Ya Dex Thread!

    Some journey :D
  5. oldskoolkidder

    Vinyl bargains

    Didnt do too bad here :)
  6. oldskoolkidder


    Hi guys big day ahead on OSA on the 17th! Honoured to be hosting a day on the radio and absolutely buzzing! Trying to bump up the numbers on facebook we run oldskool nights in Todmorden and theres always stuff going on! Be chuffed if you can like the page! :)
  7. Zac Greenwood - OSA Radio (5TH June 2020)

    Zac Greenwood - OSA Radio (5TH June 2020)

    Live on OSA Radio 5th June
  8. oldskoolkidder

    New name, new site, same great taste.

    well done all! just having a nosey :)
  9. oldskoolkidder

    Gat Decor vs Degrees Of Motion - Degrees Of Passion anyone got one of these please email me at :thumbsup:
  10. oldskoolkidder

    Technics servicing

    Im looking to get my 12-10s serviced anyone have any good recommendations north west... west yorkshire - Halifax.... let me know! :)
  11. oldskoolkidder

    LOVED UP - Mad Friday - XMAS Special (20/12/2019)

    LOVED UP - Mad Friday - Xmas Special !!! upload DJs STU ALLAN PETE MONSOON BUTTY & RECCA STE HUXLEY ZAC GREENWOOD SUPERDAN HIKKY B & AYMZ Oldskool - Club Classics - Anthems Venue: Golden Lion, Todmorden Time: 19:30-02:30 LOVED UP is back for a proper little Christmas cracker! In the main...
  12. oldskoolkidder

    Loved up - 03/08/2019

    LOVED UP - 03/08/2019 Pete Monsoon Butty & Recca Ste Huxley Zac Greenwood Hikky B & Aymz Superdan Oldskool Club Classics Anthems LOVED UP returns for the first time since 2013 bringing back a familiar set of DJs and LOVED UP favourites. Golden Lion in Todmorden hosts the reunion in a special...
  13. oldskoolkidder

    Loved up - x-mas special!

    LOVED UP - XMAS SPECIAL ! SATURDAY 15TH DECEMBER 2012 LOVED UP returns to Halifax for a proper XMAS cracker!! Feat. DJs BEN TAYLOR (2Hr Set) PETE MONSOON ZAC GREENWOOD SUPERDAN & VEE SIMON STANSFIELD ARRON J / HIKKY B Playing The Finest Oldskool Classics! FREE ENTRY BEFORE 12am - £3 Before...
  14. oldskoolkidder

    Celebratiing 10 years!

    10 Years on from joining the site here I am... well into my 11th year, used to post alot more than I do now but heyho..So what were your original reasons for joining up on OSA and how many years have you been using OSA, has it changed much from when you joined? and what do you most use the site...
  15. oldskoolkidder

    28th July 2012 - LOVED UP & GoodTimes - Summer Special 2012 (Saturday)

    LOVED UP & GoodTimes - Summer Special 2012 SAT 28TH JULY On Saturday 28th July LOVED UP are proud to welcome to Halifax for the very first time. . . the norths Legendary and longest running piano classics night GoodTimes, to co host a party of epic proportions! 28th July 2012 sees LOVED UP...
  16. oldskoolkidder

    LOVED UP - 11TH Feb 2012

    Hope to see most of the over the hill possee at this one! OSA DJ's including Zac Greenwood Ste Huxley Superdan & Vee along with Pete Monsoon Barrie Jay Jane Angel Suddy phones: SAT 11th FEB 2012 - @ FUSION, Nightclub - Halifax. Should be a top night!! :thumbsup:
  17. oldskoolkidder

    '02/11' - LOVED UP - Valentines Special 2012

    LOVED UP - Valentines Special - Saturday 11th Feb 2012 LOVED UP returns to Halifax, Fusion Nightclub for its annual Valentines Special… if last year was anything to go by, then this year is bound to be another stomper, with none other than 7 of your finest oldskool jocks taking to the wheels...
  18. oldskoolkidder

    MC madness!

    heard some funny mc'ing on tapes and what not before - but whAt are your faveourite's?? also whos everyones fave mc's?? I think there are some good mc's who cut in when needed and give something extra to the night, what are everyone elses thoughts!! Priveleged to have MC SMOKE on for me at the...
  19. oldskoolkidder

    compulsion 28th may

    compulsion @ bowlers whos going then?!! pull yer face arena - whats everyone else think of the line-up etc?!...