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    Anthony Pappa Progressive House 94 Australia/Digweed

    Found this by complete accident. I was searching a Mystic Force remix on Discogs and this came up. I've had it in my wantlist for over 10 years "Spanish West, good prog" apparently i'd heard it before. I think i need to check more of my wants
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    DJ Sasha - UK Tour @ Hacienda, 17th Dec 1994

    Already found it mate, was just a few ticks ahead on this one :cool:
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    DJ Sasha - UK Tour @ Hacienda, 17th Dec 1994

    1. [00:00] ??? mellow ins = (No Voice Mix) Been in the wantlist for a long, long time
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    Anthony Pappa Progressive House 94 Australia/Digweed

    #2 is Spanish West From Hope someone finds #3 one day, been after that one for a while, nice tune
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    Anyone use a record cleaning machine? Any Good

    Very true mate. New inners have definitely been the most expensive part of cleaning my tunes. You just can't put them back inside a used paper inner after all that effort, can you? My trick is to take literally years to do this (still a work in progress) and spread the cost
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    Anyone use a record cleaning machine? Any Good

    I've used this for years and think it's brilliant: Is it as good as RCMs like Okki Nokki, VPI, Loricraft etc? Well, probably not. But those are also 5x more expensive and (sometimes much) more. I'd be interested to know if anyone has done a comparison. I'll be surprised...
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    BOXED Tapes

    Oh mate, now i feel like a right dick. I'm sorry Scott. My lifetime obsession on this tune has obviously turned me a bit mental. My sincerest apologies mate
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    BOXED Tapes

    Some bastard already knew this ID. 2 more videos uploaded to Discogs in the last couple of hours since i posted. That really annoys me Edit: I realised that this comment is almost certainly nonsense. The 2 other videos were already on YT (i checked) and someone prob just added to the Discogs...
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    BOXED Tapes

    I was honestly starting to think this day was never going to come. 25 years of searching and i've finally found this damn tune. Merry Christmas to me. 2020 hasn't been a complete disaster after all Sasha BOXED Bxd1109 01. [00] Clanger - Clanger (Original Mix) (Seismic Records) 02. [07]...
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    marc smith @ heaven glasgow summer 91

    29 years and finally done. The remaining 2 acca's taken from
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    Adding Tags to forum posts - Mods?

    I sent a message to Blue Jammer only to get a message saying that he does not accept PMs. Is there any mod looking after this forum? I want to know if there is there any way to apply tags to DJ mix and tracklist threads? It would be pretty handy if we could tag DJ names and search using them...
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    Marc Smith @ Hacienda (Glasgow) 1991

    I could've sworn this mix was already up here but can't find it anywhere. There's a few well known unknowns left, cheers guys I should mention that the mixing can be shit at times, but there are moments where the scratching outshines everything else (02:40, 15:40. 42:00) You don't hear anything...
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    Help or suggestions for a digital mixing stand

    It's been a while but i'm finally getting my set-up back in working order. At the moment i have your typical 2 technics + mixer on a worktop, but i have a lot of digital stuff so i want to add a stand that will hold a mixing desk on one level and then the laptop above it. Bascially i'm looking...
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    Are we at the repeat stage?

    Is anyone else is finding themselves buying a lot more new vinyl these days? The old-skool influence in most genres is coming through a lot more now that it ever did before, to me at least. And that's not a bad thing. I'm finding a ton of stuff harking back to the sounds i used to love. Seems...
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    Interactive Test

    Just found this, thought i would share.... Get in quick. I bought every one Music | Interactive Test
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    Vinyl postage

    It's been a while since i've made a decent sized order in the UK, but i've just ordered 20 12"s through discogs and been quoted almost £32 for postage (from and to UK addresses). This seems pretty excessive to me, but like i said, its been a good while. Can anyone out there tell me if this seems...
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    Danny Tenaglia @ Tribal Funktion, Edinburgh (Aug 1994)

    Thanks to Henryvilla for a great start on this listing. Can anyone fill in any other blanks? Mix can be downloaded here Part 1 - DannyT@TF060894partone Part 2 - DannyT@TF060894part2 Part 1 [00] ID [01] Paperclip People - Remake (Duo) [Planet E] [03] Loop 7 - The Theme (The Legend) [Strictly...
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    Danny Tenaglia @ Tribal Funktion, Edinburgh (Aug 1994)

    Full props to the Tribal Funktion guys in Edinburgh for sharing this. Full blog here : Tribal Funktion: The Danny Tenaglia Night. Can anyone provide a tracklist for this great set? I started, but it was so bad that it wasn't even worth posting Part 1 - DannyT@TF060894partone Part 2 -...
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    DJ Welly - Violet Skies (Sept 1991)

    Another great Welly mix that can be downloaded free from his site: DJ Welly C90s - mp3 rips [00] Evasion - Slave To The Rave (Rave Encounter) [07] The Ambassador - Mass Hysteria [09] Problem House - Party People [12] The Overlords - Sundown [14] Q-Tex - Q-Type [Equator EP] [18] ID [19] ID [21]...