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    John Digweed@Sugar Shack 1st birthday 1994

    Top class set from Digweed, i've been after for the track around 23min if anyone can help
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    Back again after 7 years

    Hi Glad to be back after all these years Recently moved to my new house and just starting again to unpack my set up and records at the basement.
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    OSA Track of the Day

    post your favourite oldschool tracks....
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    Spherical vs Elliptical stylous for high quality 12'' rips

    any suggestions from the board would be great...all these years i'm using Ortofon DJ S/Audacity software but not satisfied with the end result...
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    Francesco Farfa 1993 rare footage

    imho highly underrated DJ....
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    What's Your Favourite Record Sleeve?

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    hi my name is Simeon and coming from Greece but currently reside in UK...start djing in 1993 at small bars/clubs in my hometown....main influnences the early NY house sound (Morales/Red Zone/MAW) & Sasha/Digweed especially their Renaissance era.