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  1. Saysay

    OSA Summer Party '22

    Looking forward to this!! Been such a long time, be great to see loads of faces out for it!! :cool:😃
  2. Saysay


    Happy Birthday you old bastard!!! :p xx
  3. Saysay

    Your Snowmen..

    Okay the snow is back so let's see your bestest snowmen, beast or whatever :D Havent had enough snow as yet to make anything good so this is my effort from this January, took me 2 hours :D
  4. Saysay

    **Mystery Of the Peas & Beans track SOLVED!!**

    Myself and Neil decided to look into the origins of this elusive track and we have (after some top detective work) found out exactly who it was made and sung by and have even been in contact with the guy who co wrote and sang it who has confirmed this! :D The tune is actually called 'Stomper'...
  5. Saysay

    '08/28' - Roger Sanchez @ Sankeys - Bank Holiday Saturday

    Saturday 28th August. The S man is renowned for his ability to rock dancefloors, and this Saturday at Sankeys he is going to make the basement explode! Constantly touring the world and filling arenas, Sanchez is no ordinary DJ he is the conoisseur's DJ. With a career that spans more than three...
  6. Saysay

    You have jiggy jiggy with my wife!

    Haha, crazy! :crazy: :D Passenger offers wife to taxi driver for sex to settle fare in Bolton |
  7. Saysay

    '04/16' - COLOUR Presents : Adam Beyer, Cari Lekebusch & Regis @ Sankeys!/event.php?eid=322094532020&ref=ts For those of you into techno, this night is amazing and a MUST!! :cool: COLOUR presents: Friday 16th April @ Sankeys, Radium St, Manchester, M4 6JG **ADAM BEYER (Drumcode / Truesoul)**...
  8. Saysay

    Old piccies or videos :D

    Im going to the Que Club this saturday to Atomic Jam to see Dave Clarke, and it reminded me of when i saw Shades of Rhythm at Flashback at the que club back in 1999, so i looked it up on you tube and wha-laa it was on :D .... 6 parts to it and the last part im on it haha! Very briefly though lol...
  9. Saysay

    For all you shopaholics in the manc area tomo. (nics there's free sozzy rolls :P).

    Wanderland Boutique Launch Party @ Afflecks , Manchester.....tomorrow 12pm-6pm :D :D :D Log in | Facebook Me and miss tickle will be there hoarding the sozzy rolls and glugging the champers :P *hic* For those of you not on facebook ... :) Here's the score... We're opening a shop on the...
  10. Saysay

    Funny Labels!!

    Canoe went shopping the other day at tescos and took a picture of these! .. Neil likes to munch on Red Hot Balls!!! :cops: Bloody knew it! :D :P
  11. Saysay

    Get well soon Frankie Knuckles

    Bloody shame this, poor sod! :( Get well soon. :king: Get well soon frankie knuckles
  12. Saysay

    '10/17' - Sequence - Legends! @ Sankeys

    SEQUENCE - LEGENDS! 17th October 2008 10.30pm till 5.00am £10 NUS & Advance / £12 OTD Main Room: - Andrew Weatherall (Rotters Golf Club, Nuphonic, 2LS) Omar S (FXHE, Detroit) Legowelt - LIVE (Bunker, Creme, Viewlexx) Computer Controlled (Sequence, Room 237) P45 (Room 237, Sequence) Bar: -...
  13. Saysay

    New found drinks!

    Hmm just bought a bottle of brothers strawberry and pear cider from booths in chorley, its gorgeous, proper yummy, i highly recommend it! :thumbsup: Apparently they have been selling at glasto since 1995 too. Just had to tell ya. :D Home | Brothers Cider
  14. Saysay

    '09/13' - HUSTLE @ The Crown - Chorley

  15. Saysay

    '09/19' - SEQUENCE v LOCKED @ Sankeys with Ben Sims,Exium LIVE & Pacou LIVE plus more

    SEQUENCE v LOCKED LOCKED FIFTH BIRTHDAY!!! 19th September 2008 10.30pm till 5.00am £10 NUS & Advance / £12 OTD Special Guests: - Ben Sims (Theory, Hardgroove, Ingoma) Pacou - LIVE (Cache Records, Tresor) Exium - LIVE (Nheoma, Warm Up, Tsunami) Plus Residents: Computer Controlled, P45, Jay...
  16. Saysay

    '09/06' - the music! @ The Crown - Chorley

    Due to popular demand, we are back @ the crown again on Saturday 6th & 13th Septmeber. "THE ONLY PLACE IN CHORLEY PROVIDING YOU WITH THE VERY BEST DANCE SOUNDS AROUND!!" SPREAD THE WORD.. HUSTLE is in TOWN!! :cool: >> FACEBOOK LINK << :thumbsup:
  17. Saysay

    Wand - Happiness

    Wondering what your thoughts are on this tune, me and me sis were havin a convo about it before, me personally i love it, proper hands in the air, happy, bouncy tune! :D Your thoughts please? :king:
  18. Saysay

    '08/09' - HUSTLE ain't over @ The Crown - Chorley - 9th August 2008 (Saturday)

    HUSTLE aint over!! :cool: :cool: Once a month @ the crown we provide chorley with some decent upfront club house soundz & the best oldskool beats. The only place in chorley playin house soundz, come n check us out ;) Facebook link >>
  19. Saysay

    Chelmsfords biggest water fight 2008

    Haha saw this event on facebook which is happening tomorrow :D Over 3000 people saying their attending, thats one big ass water fight lol :redneck: Lets hope it doesnt rain for them, its been teaming down here, thunder and lighting to :axe:
  20. Saysay

    '07/12' - HUSTLE @ The Crown - Chorley

    'HUSTLE' with.. Biskit, Shine & SaySay providing you with the very best House soundz, Funky House, Disco House, Electro House, Old Skool House, a little bit of dis, n a little bit of dat... A little bit o fun, In a pub, In the Sun, For every-wun :redneck: Top Beer, Top Music, Top Atmosphere...