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    Need £200 for a new tunes for sale

    alreet osa chaps n chapettes... as from the title u can gather i need to raise 200 quid fairly quickly so im offering any of my vinyl up for sale... most have u at 1 time or another have gotten my list off me so if u cud have a browse n see if theres owt there u might be interesrted let me...
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    For Sale (pm offers)

    2 Fabiola Play This Song Circus Aladino Make It Right Now Italian Style Anita Adams Got To Feel Good Italian Style Axe Corner Tortuga Palmares Beba Sheen I Need To Talk To You (Remix) Line Music Bit Machine Feat Karen Jones Any Kind Of Vision Grove Grove Melody Blue Violet I Really Know X-Energy...
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    G & V Jay - Im gonna get the boy

    how magical is this song ? i dont think i ever heard it played in a club, cant recall it on a tape so dont know where i heard it ,,,but even today ....WOW chills down spine shit love it :D i love being drunk im babling shit ;) Neil
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    Arsenal 5 Leeds 0

    :'( embarrasing simple as
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    Any 1 up for a trade ?

    As u may have seen im trying to offload some of my tunes with not much success .... :P aint givin em away :P but 2 ive been after for like ever are ...... Disco Rouge and Disco Bleu Any1 got them to swap ?? Lmk Neil
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    1000th Post

    was gonna ask what i should write to commemerate such an event ... then i decided id hit u all with some wisdom .... then i thought no .....ill tell a joke ... in the end .... i ran out of ideas so ill just say ... :P ppppppppppppppppppppppoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooobaba makes sense...
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    For Sale

    need some dosh so im gonna sell any records i can get a good price for.. if ur interested pm me and ill send u my list in excel format Thanks Neil
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    Few For Sale

    No reasonable offer refused.... Blue Violet - I really know (X-Energy) Nitelite Cityrama - Runnin So HArd (Mighty Quinn) Chase - Music IS MY Life (Faze) Secchi - Ciao (New Music) Secchi - Keep On Jammin Remix (X-Energy) Mash Up Kids - Clouds Above (white) Kyra - Easy To Love (VC) Flipped Out -...
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    The Project Feat Linda Rice - Get it Right

    on DJ International for sale pm offer... higgest bid wins Neil
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    To sell up or Not to sell up...that is the question....

    im sure u all know (those ive traded with or bought off) i love my tunes as much as any1 but im seriously thinking of selling up... ok i only have 700 ish records so its not gonna change my life but i badly need a new car and have got some debts id like to stem... tough decision ..there are a...
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    Ebay C*nts

    some wanker called fifitrix won secchi on ebay off me and never sent payment ...i emailed them , sent all the remainders and warned them id leave negative feedback to no responce so i left negative feedback and now they have saying they never got goods ! Arseholes No need .. Neil
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    General base - i see you

    any 1 got or know where i can purchase this ? any help appreciated :) Neil
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    Nitelite Cityrama - Runnin So hard

    put this up for sale on ebay along with a couple of bundles of tunes Neil :thumbsup:
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    LOTS of £££ spondoolies waiting for this...

    any1 have or know where i can get ...... Def La Desh - Tear It Up any help muchly appreciated Neil
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    WOW 50 Users

    dont think ive ever seen so many on the board ..... not quite the record of 87 tho :p Neil
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    Bad Boys 2

    bit late like but ive just finished watching this... abso fkin lutley LOVED it cant think of another film double act that crack me up more than smith n lawrence .. i know its just yer average action flick ,,,no deep donnie darko thats gonna make u sit back n think about the world ... but...
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    Mr Lee - Get Busy

    any1 provide me info on this track ?? mp3 ? sample ? is it any good....... Neil
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    FAO Biskit

    Suburban Delay - Energy Rush sample m8
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    Couple Of new wants

    Lifeline - Let The music 2 Fabiloa - Play This Song Am i wasting my time asking / searching for these ?? Neil
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    Oldskool For Sale

    pm me if ur interested in any of these b4 i ebay em Ruffcut - Run To Me (Italian Style) Manic - Im Comin Hardcore (UCR) Laura D - Be Alright ((Musicman) Creative Thieves - Nasty Rhythm (Stress) Suburban Delay - Energy Rush (Internal Affairs) Slo Moshun - Bells Of NY (Six6) Hyper Go Go - Raise...