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  1. J

    Rewriting the truth

    Interesting and true there were the odd shady places, gangs selling you and your mates duds, but I was mostly oblivious to the bollocks that went on as I went to places to have fun and not looking for trouble. Used to hear stories afterwards occasionally of mates, or someone you met at a house...
  2. J

    Oldskool.........The meaning of it

    I think you'd be surprised how many tracks sound original but are cheeky re-edits of tracks you love. I hear what he's saying though, there's plenty of folk still producing old sounding hardcore, jungle, house, soul, funk etc and if it fits in with what you love does it matter too much unless...
  3. J

    Jack G Young MC

    Looks like an interesting record with some good tracks on that.
  4. J

    Post a Pic of Ya Dex Thread!

    Nice to see this thread is still going (y) Interesting seeing how our setups have changed over the years:cool:
  5. J

    Which came first ...Underworld - Rez, or Fluke - Groovy Feeling?

    I always thought it was Groovy Feeling because I heard it first, but I don't know for sure.
  6. J

    Does anybody know the porn movie from Raw Sex - Suck It Deep intro?

    I was lucky enough to find the synth pad sound from this track yesterday. The bit playing at the very start while the chick is talking about her favourite fantasy, which i've wanted since first hearing the track at the start of a mixtape in 91. :cool: Does anybody know what film it's from...
  7. J

    Is anybody selling a excellent condition 1200/1210?

    If any of you are selling a 1200/1210 and it's in really great shape, let me know what you have please :thumbsup: I'm not looking for one that hasn't been looked after.
  8. J

    The Big OSA MIXTAPE 2018

    Ok, in the spirit of togetherness, let's do a little forum mix phones: If the tracks mix together then great, but if not, you can drop it in and hope it works well with the mix and hopefully doesn't bring the ghost of old ravers past out of their coffin to haunt you for the rest of your life...
  9. J

    Post a Pic of Ya Dex Thread!

    I've moved my gear back into the old spare room it used to be in. This is my most recent turntable set up.
  10. J

    If Beyonce was a boy, do you think she'd be a better man?

    Or do you she'd be like... ''Whoh, I got me a dick, i'm gonna go out and nail me some bitches'' :roll:
  11. J

    Another one bites the dust - Vestax goes out of business

    Vestax Is Out of Business, Sources Say | DJcity News - Music and news for DJs and producers Is Vestax Out of Business? | DJ TechTools
  12. J

    Mixmag - Here are ten reasons why 90s raving sucked compared to today

    Talk about selling out your roots. What a heap of shite... Mixmag | (UN)ACCEPTABLE IN THE NINETIES
  13. J

    Have the prices of 1210's gone up since they were discontinued?

    Saw it mentioned elsewhere that the UK price of these has gone up by about 15% in the last 2 months. Just had a look on Juno and a MKii is selling for £650. I think the last time I looked (years ago) they were about £450 each. Back in 91 (for comparison) they were a bank breaking (at the time)...
  14. J

    The classic turntable, revised for the digital age

    Reloop RP-8000 - Reloop There's little wrong with the classic 1200/1210's for many of us and I doubt anyone would actually need one of these who just plays in the traditional way, but they look interesting enough to sell a lot of units to turntable tricksters.
  15. J

    Wigan Pier to be demolished

    This is where it all really started properly for me and I had some great times in here. BBC News - Wigan Pier nightclub demolition heralds regeneration
  16. J

    Mission #1: Sleeveface Photo's

    Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to come up with a sleeve face photo:thumbsup: Here are 3 great examples, so you can see what I mean :cool:
  17. J

    Free sex, sex for free

    You big pervs :hubba: :thumbsup::D ...and just seeing if this gets more hits than djperkins thread :P:D ...Oh, and keep it up :eyebrow:
  18. J

    Unscientific hearing test

    ...and, it probably depends on you having decent headphones or speakers to do it properly too. According to this my hearing ranges from 7Hz - 16KHz, but seeing as Sennheiser HD25's are rated at 16Hz- 22KHz, then something is amiss.
  19. J

    What ya watching on tv these days?

    Finished Breaking Bad what seems like months back now and now i'm up to date with The Walking Dead, which turned out to be unmissable from the 3rd series onwards, but now I need a new challenge. What have you all been watching then that you've found to be really worthwhile?
  20. J

    How to make a complete arse of yourself

    Unknown, unheard of 'DJ', with an ego the size of a skyscraper. Faked his CV full of shit he's never done/become, to pretend he's a bigshot in the game. Took a fairly well known set from a world respected DJ/Turntablist - DJ Jazzy Jeff Mimed the shit out of this set using a new toy controller...