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    Radio1 Hotmix Easter 93 - Brothers In Rhythm, Graeme Park, Sasha

    This is their '94 essential mix not the easter mix. Dave Seaman & Steve Anderson (Brothers In Rhythm) Essential Mix - 26th March '94 1. Screen II - Hey Mr DJ [Cleveland City] 2. Dust Brothers - Chemical Beats (Fourteenth Century Sky ep) [Collect Boys Own] 3. Hysterix - Talk To Me (Sashas Full...
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    Tall Paul - Love Of Life?

    Tunes are mainly '96 stuff coz i recognized Victor Imbres – Fire, CJ Bolland – Sugar Is Sweeter and Express Of Sound – Real Vibration. I recognize a few of the other tracks too but just can't think straight at the mo.
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    Tall Paul - Love Of Life?

    Nice one thanks. Not sure of the set but it sounds like '96 going by the tunes. Unless it's this from 97?
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    DJ Pierre @ Ministry Of Sound, London, June 1992

    Yeah your probably right. I also found a Cymande - Bra (Los Gringos Hermanos Remix) but not a clue about that. De La Soul also sampled Bra on something of theirs.
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    DJ Pierre @ Ministry Of Sound, London, June 1992

    That Cymande - Bra is the Paul Simpson Edit
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    Billy Nasty - Love Of Life ???

    1. [00:00] loop 2. [03:40] inst 3. [07:40] DJ Misjah, DJ Tim - X-Tension 4. [11:00] inst 5. [19:00] Zzino - Accelerate [Re-Load] 6. [24:40] Casseopaya - Move Your Body (Original Mix) 7. [28:00] vocoder male -split- 8. [31:20] male preacher 9. [35:10] C.J. Bolland - The Prophet 10. [41:30] ? "set...
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    Billy Nasty - Love Of Life ???

    Haha we all do it mate. Tell ya what is epic though. When played in my media player the titles show as Lofe of Life. :)
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    Billy Nasty - Love Of Life ???

    Think it's the one with the big zipper on. Billy Nasty - Love Of Life '96 (0037) (62min) You have A & B wrong way i think.
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    Danny Tenaglia @ Tribal Funktion, Edinburgh (Aug 1994)

    Nice one (y). I recognized it but it just wouldn't come into my mind :)
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    Tune id please! Thanks!!
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    Tune id please! Thanks!

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    DJ Sasha - UK Tour @ Hacienda, 17th Dec 1994

    17. [40:00] ??? "hey ow, there are times in our lives we withhold out thoughts, dont hold back" spoken female Not sure if it's a remix or the Johanna acapella over some other tune but the spoken female is from this.
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    Dj Ratty - Quest - Ratty's Birthday - 10-07-93

    Here you go mate Pt 1 Pt 2
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    Roy The Roach & Fat Tony - Love Of Life, June/July 1995

    Anyone got the password for these please coz i'm keen to hear them. Or any chance of a re-up if the password is no longer available. Cheers.
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    Roy The Roach & Fat Tony - Love Of Life, June/July 1995

    Only just found these. Any chance of password please. ;)
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    Jeremy Healy @ Swoon, The Colosseum, Stafford 1994 (Single Tape)

    Thanks for this (y) Track 3 Khaled - Chebba (The Development Corporation Man City Instrumental Mix)
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    This Is A VERY Long Shot... ... ...

    I use EZCAP usb cassette to mp3 and run it through Audacity.
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    Allister Whitehead & Nancy Noise @ Swoon, The Colosseum, Stafford 1995 (Double Pack)

    Nice 1 (y). Agree it's odd there ain't many Nancy Noise mixes around. There's gotta be more mixes out there in the ether somewhere. Sure would love to hear more.
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    Allister Whitehead Swoon @ Stafford 1995 (4 Pack)

    Not sure if track 1 has been id'd yet but it's Inner Souls - Tearin' Me Apart [Strictly Rhythm] Allister Whitehead (54min) early 95 1. [00:00] ? "hey lady, dont you know it baby" male 2. [01:10] Androgeny feat Michael M - Let's Talk About Me (So Hard Mix) "im fierce" camp 3. [05:30] Pamela...
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    Paul Gotel @ Ripe - 1996

    It's definitely Voyager 2.1 (y)