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    Graeme Park - House Masters '95

    Thanks Scott, much appreciated.
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    Graeme Park, Pure Sex @Albert Tavern..

    Much appreciated, thanks (y)
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    Pete Heller Live @ Ripe

    Just found this, excellent, thank you (y)
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    Hard Times Sets

    Waaay back on the first page, the Hard Times David Piccioni Azuli Records set - Track 11 = Mike Dunn / Victor Simonelli / Luis Radio feat. Mike Dunn - Nothing Stays the Same (Victor Simonelli Lost in the Groove Mix)
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    The Complete Collection part 3 (1995) Tony De Vit, Jon Pleased, Al Mackenzie, Boy George (Progress)

    Well if nothing else the collective knowledge of people on here on this subject is being put down on here and preserved. What OSA is all about IMO. Finding it interesting fellas.
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    The Complete Collection part 3 (1995) Tony De Vit, Jon Pleased, Al Mackenzie, Boy George (Progress)

    Just a thought here guys. What it actually says on the packs is that the sets were recorded at Progress Promotions events, that does not necessarily mean they were recorded at Progress in Derby. The reason I'm chipping in with this is that yesterday I was trying to contribute something to the...
  7. Capitol_Sheffield_Mid 90s_0009.jpg

    Capitol_Sheffield_Mid 90s_0009.jpg

  8. Capitol_Sheffield_Mid 90s_0010.jpg

    Capitol_Sheffield_Mid 90s_0010.jpg

  9. Cream_Liverpool_Mid 90s_0011.jpg

    Cream_Liverpool_Mid 90s_0011.jpg

  10. Cream_Liverpool_Mid 90s_0012.jpg

    Cream_Liverpool_Mid 90s_0012.jpg

  11. Forbidden Fruit_Capitol_Sheffield_Mid 90s_0015.jpg

    Forbidden Fruit_Capitol_Sheffield_Mid 90s_0015.jpg

  12. Forbidden Fruit_Capitol_Sheffield_Mid 90s_0016.jpg

    Forbidden Fruit_Capitol_Sheffield_Mid 90s_0016.jpg

  13. Hard Times_Leeds_Mid 90s_0029.jpg

    Hard Times_Leeds_Mid 90s_0029.jpg

  14. Hard Times_Leeds_Mid 90s_0030.jpg

    Hard Times_Leeds_Mid 90s_0030.jpg

  15. Love to Be_Sheffield_Mid 90s_0005.jpg

    Love to Be_Sheffield_Mid 90s_0005.jpg

  16. Love to Be_Sheffield_Mid 90s_Flyer0006.jpg

    Love to Be_Sheffield_Mid 90s_Flyer0006.jpg

  17. Musiquarium_The Republic_Sheffield_Mid 90s_0031.jpg

    Musiquarium_The Republic_Sheffield_Mid 90s_0031.jpg

  18. Musiquarium_The Republic_Sheffield_Mid 90s_0032.jpg

    Musiquarium_The Republic_Sheffield_Mid 90s_0032.jpg

  19. Republica_Birmingham_Mid 90s_0013.jpg

    Republica_Birmingham_Mid 90s_0013.jpg

  20. Republica_Birmingham_Mid 90s_0014.jpg

    Republica_Birmingham_Mid 90s_0014.jpg