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  1. wayne


    Let's hope we can get out again soon
  2. wayne

    Sarasota - We're Gettin' Hot 2021 Presale

    Looking forward to getting this
  3. wayne


    These were good times 👌
  4. Maximes Back to the Old Skool Vol 4 Adam Brewer

    Maximes Back to the Old Skool Vol 4 Adam Brewer

    Remake of a tape . some challenging mixes here but great tunes and happy memories. All on vinyl.
  5. Maximes Back to the Old Skool part 4 - DJ Wayno

    Maximes Back to the Old Skool part 4 - DJ Wayno

    Remake of a tape set from Maximes Back to the old skool part 4
  6. wayne

    Loving the new look forum

    Wanted to say hello . Great to see the forum looking so good and very user friendly . Been a member for 16 years ! Madness . OSA was around at a time where old skool events were like hen's teeth ! And it's great to be back doing some live sets every now and then as well ! See you all in the...
  7. DJ Wayno Live on OSA 31.8.20

    DJ Wayno Live on OSA 31.8.20

    Live 1 hour set old Skool classics on OSA
  8. wayne

    Greatest tunes mix . Work in progress

    Hi all . Loving the new look . I am in the process of pulling together a all time favourite mix . Wanted to do it for ages . This is what I have pulled out so far . Looking for my top 50 tunes and pulling together across three mixes is the plan
  9. wayne

    Mc lain down the m6 mix dreaming a dream

    Hi all does anyone have this listed in discogs ? I can't find it anywhere ?
  10. wayne

    Trance old Skool nights?

    Do they exist ? Any one know of any good ones? I'm looking for nights with the sort of stuff Agnelli & Nelson - Everyday - YouTube
  11. wayne

    History of house night bowlers

    Any one going? Looking forward to this now
  12. wayne

    Farewell hmv?

    Lots of memories of times spent in Manchester in hmv spinn inn eastern bloc and vinyl exchange to name a few A sad reflection of how musical tastes have changed over the years That feeling of getting that promo That feeling of being the first to get a sought after tune It will be...
  13. wayne

    Thank you !!

    Big big thanks to all the djs had a great night with emma Tariq linda and Kerry a brilliant mix of music and dj taste which was ideal great to meet lots of new faces of the forum I was very nervous but once I got into it felt much better ! When is the next one ;) Tired now bed
  14. wayne

    What you up to NYE?

    Any one out I'm of to fantazia at bowlers should be a good one !
  15. wayne

    Late 80s early 90s commercial house

    Not got to much of this on viynl and after some inspiration Here are a couple to start you off any thoughts and suggestions please?? May not be to all taste on here sorry! YouTube Coldcut .........Doctorin The House 12 Inch Mix - YouTube Jack 'N' Chill - The Jack That House Built - YouTube...
  16. wayne

    Advice on 80 s tunes

    After some advice on 80s compilations out there I love this era but don't really have much any suggestions please?
  17. wayne

    12 records with 2 tunes on you love??

    What vinyl do you own that has not 1 but 2 or 3 beasts on that you love? I will start the ball rolling K-Klass - Why - YouTube
  18. wayne

    Asmo jam the dance

    I am after this on original is any one selling a copy in good condition at reasonable price ?
  19. wayne

    remixes of tunes/ samples

    Was thinking today about songs/ tunes/ records that i loved in two different forms or samples of tunes i loved on different releases- here are a couple to start us off- what do you love in different versions and or samples? The Fugees - Ready Or Not - YouTube DJ Zinc - Fugees - Ready Or Not...