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  1. Kathryn

    Vision - Sight Through Sounds

    Hey!! Its Kathryn Im responsible for shipping the usb’s - its no problem at all for me to post the USB out to you wherever you are, if you just check out as normal via the paypal page I will see it and make sure the postage applied correctly xxxx
  2. Kathryn

    Allow me to introduce myself....

    Hello everyone! Im Kathryn - I work with NiPPER! Maybe I will change my username to Kipper to make it more obvious I am usually the voice of the elusive Mr NiPPER himself! I am also a promoter of a few lttle oldskool gigs, 1 was the hackets reunion in blackpool and the other the current...
  3. Kathryn

    DJ NiPPER’S oldskool Edits and Remixes Subscription

    After such high demand in people Requesting downloads for all of My Oldskool Remixes and Edits we have decided to launch the Oldskool Download store. (FREE SHOP) REGISTERED USERS CAN PAY A SMALL SUBSCRIPTION FEE, ALLOWING THEM FULL ACCESS, TO DOWNLOAD THE ENTIRE BACK CATALOGUE OF DJ NiPPERS...