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  1. Sonic92

    OSA Charts revamped

    Done! Good selection (y)
  2. Sonic92

    RIP Elvisontour

    Very sad and shocking news, Dean was an OSA legend and will be greatly missed by all
  3. Sonic92


    Happy birthday Danielo Italiano Maximo Fromagio!! Hope you enjoyed your birthday bash on OSA mate!! Was a top night.
  4. Sonic92

    Scream Southport

    Some links to footage of Scream in Southport which i came across - the night ran through 92 - 93 at the Floral Hall and Pontins. We went regularly, brilliant nights and really good venues/ crowds - doesnt seem to be one of the nights which people remember from back in the day but really was a...
  5. Sonic92

    1989 - 90 Summer Mix

    Put this mix together last year - summer vibes, loads of piano, rare tracks to enjoy on a sunny day Link! :cool:
  6. Sonic92

    Osa 20

    I have often wondered what happened to Matt, he was a top bloke, spent many a sunday on here in his company
  7. Sonic92


    Whats going on with the 'todays birthdays' section???? There are about 100 members that I have never heard of who are all 22 today?????????? :D
  8. Sonic92

    Ridiculous Groups On Discogs

    Seen a few crap newest groups created over the years on Ogs but this one is shit - literally!!! :o Discogs - we like the smell of our own poo Anyone spotted any more???
  9. Sonic92

    Inner City ?

    Does this version of 'hallelujah' appear on any vinyl???? YouTube - Hallelujah - innercity (live in manchester) :confused:
  10. Sonic92

    Wavestock ???

    Just seen the line up so far for Wavestock at Abersoch - Anyone ever been, is it any good????? :mexican:
  11. Sonic92

    Power House

    Anyone got a spare copy of 'Power House - Makin A livin' in good nick that they want to sell for a reasonable price?????
  12. Sonic92

    Sunday Tune

    As no one else has set us off with a tune for today thought Id get the ball rollin :roll: - tune for Sunday is Barracuda - Mad Love Much overlooked Moby tune!!! :thumbsup:
  13. Sonic92

    DJ Kate Lawler ?

    I'd give her no credit for trying, she like all sorts of other washed up, Z list celebrities have been convinced by there agents to market themselves as 'DJ's' in a last ditch, money grabbing attempt to prolong their pityful careers. I saw an advert for Butlins during the summer which promoted...
  14. Sonic92

    Trigger - Religion

    Does anyone know whether there was ever any remixes of this tune or whether anyone ever did a 'rip off' version of it?? I have the release on target records but the mix that I remember Stu Allan used to play is not on the target release ????? :confused: Hopefully one of you knowledgeable...
  15. Sonic92

    How NOT to rob your local offey

    Bit of entertainment on a Sunday for you, this is classic!! :D | How not to rob a liquor store
  16. Sonic92

    High Lonesome Sound System - Champion Sound - Rare!!!!

    Is anyone after a copy of High Lonesome Sound System - Champion Sound?? High Lonesome Sound System - Love Night I have a spare to sell, offering it up to you good people before it hits the bay, serious offers please...... ;)
  17. Sonic92

    Acen Booty

    Ive asked before but no harm in trying again - Im after the booty with Trip To The Moon Part 4 on (also Finest Illusion etc) - Its called Up Yer Bum 1 !!!! Anyone selling?????:confused:
  18. Sonic92


    Anyone got one of those booty's thats doing the rounds with Foul Play - Finest Illusion and Acen - Trip To The Moon Part 4 on that they wish to flog - will give a decent price or plenty to trade!!! ;)
  19. Sonic92

    1992 Wants!!!!

    After these on vinyl: DJ Dance - 1992 White label (not F Project or Death By Stereo) Abstract Trance - White label - Slammin 02 Pm if you can help - cheers :thumbsup:
  20. Sonic92

    Together - Storming Heaven

    Together - Storming Heaven and a stack of other rarities on the bay now, check out the link below - Might consider ending Together early if one of you good people makes me a decent enough offer!! ;) Sonic 92 :thumbsup: