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    nathan's oldskool house mixes 1988-1995

    lots of my mixes 1988 - 1995
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    S.L.D. - Getting' Out re-release

    Shooms here you are. Was wondering what had happened to you. Hope you are well mate
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    13 mixes.. Have a gander.....

    Wow never knew this section existed. Haven't been here a while happy to give something back....
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    Any old skool hip-hop heads on here?

    You might like this....Took me ages A Brief History of Hip-Hop (1985-1989) by Nathan Davis - YouTube
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    remix/cover of paul simpson musical freedom circa 94/95

    This may be the best place to ask. I'm looking for a remix/cover of paul simpson musical freedom from a tape in 1994/1995. It has the following samples in it "Let yourself goooooooo. Let it take complete control" It is not... the sure is pure 1993 dmc mix or any of the 1988/1989 releases. The...
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    you've had your money now **** off home

    anyone know any deets about this also anyone know what release dj flavours - don't worry was on? Thanks in advance
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    "I've got the gift..."

    think this is some rare uk e.p from early 90's..... piano house with female vocal... Like it a lot .... It's the one that ends with a bloke going "You;ve had your money now f**k off home!"
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    easy italian one for you.....

    "everybody get up .. get up do your dance everybody" trumpet riff Rap "let me tell you about my date last night... everything really went alright" I should know this but mind is blank
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    It's been too long....

    I heard this the other day and immediately thought of you guys... Sorry I haven't been around for so long. I'm hosting this so it shouldn't run out or expire. Enjoy.... Dave Seamen - Shelley's reunion mix
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    jungle brothers - i'll house you with female vocal 1989...
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    someone must know one of these

    alledgedly a justin robertson set from 92 although he disputes this Thought I'd try these early 90s unknowns. Any leads much appreciated
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    playing out tommorrow....

    just wandered if anyone has the same problem as me... Getting stuff together for a 45 min - 1 hr long set and I always end up thinking.. "Oh I can't leave that at home". I always lug around tons of tunes and only about 20% of them get played and my back gets knackered from carrying them lol
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    need help finding a wicked teeshirt!!!!

    Badly looking for a white tshirt full of mixtapes from classic djsets...... Googled my arse off to no avail. It has about 9-12 cassettes on it and here are just some of the labels on the tapes..... sasha @ universe 93 larry levan @ the paradise garage shoom spiral tribe these are the only ones...
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    I got engaged....

    on saturday so just wanted to say a great big thank you to anyone and everyone on here that listening to my woeful love life tales over the years. Thanks so much I'm very very happy :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:
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    hello all

    its been a while so thought I would say hello and I hope santa brings you everything you ever wanted. (apart from Shooms... cause thats illegal in most countries!) xxxxx :heart: :heart: :heart:
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    Break used in now voyager mix of candi staton?

    Anyone know where its from? Someone asked me and its been doing my nut in. Very very close to break in commodores assembly line. YouTube - THE SOURCE FT CANDI STATON - You've Got the Love
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    what happened to/where are they now?????

    If anybody knows what these lot are up to please post below I am interested. Most of these peeps I met in person... jenny from the block retro andy tigger pixie tonks amelie fugjostle danny whatudoingsucka myk untoe ste huxley
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    justin robertson @ back to basics 1992

    Justin Robertson - Back II Basics Leeds 7 Nov 1992 A Justin Robertson @ Back To Basics 7 Nov 1992 A.MP3 Justin Robertson - Back II Basics Leeds 7 Nov 1992 B Justin Robertson @ Back to Basics 7 Nov 1992 B.MP3 If anyone knows any of the tracks please let me know. I only know these Stex - still...
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    attn shooms

    don't have your email and wanted to add to your collection ;)
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    easy lionel. WTF.....

    YouTube - Easy Lionel what the hell has he taken? Plus is there anyone from glasgow on here that may know what lionel is slang for?