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  1. Doddy

    Hardcore Piano mix

    Hardcore mix i did on osa a few weeks back , mostly piano . The software used to record (Butt) had a few issues while playing so unfortunately there are a few drop outs/jumps . Thanks for looking :)
  2. Doddy

    Moodswings - Works of Atreus (6 Train)

    Price may have risen since 2005 😀
  3. Doddy

    Midi Rain - always (Doddy Mix)

    An early remix of midi rains always i did yonks ago , based on the red jerry mix . Needs a vocal/acapella over the top of it really. Just sharing as its never really been heard . Cheers
  4. Doddy

    Tune Id please

    It's definitely that
  5. Doddy

    Help please

    Yes , that is Escrima - deeper (Matt Darey mix) 👍
  6. Doddy

    Hi all

    Welcome KitkatEmpress5 Enjoy your stay
  7. Doddy

    Doddy - A 142 Tune

    Another old tune from the archives , this samples a few samples as most oldskool tracks did . Thanks for looking . Can post a download link if anyone would like it , cheers Heres a link to grab the tune , in wav format Also have a black box - everybody every body...
  8. Doddy

    My 3 hr 20 min mix on OSA 28th Decemeber

    Love It ! thanks for sharing bud
  9. Doddy

    100 tunes bundle

    These have now sold , Ive accepted 180. 180 is a bargin for all those top tunes
  10. Doddy

    100 tunes bundle

    Hi mate it's just a bulk sale bud . Cheers
  11. Doddy

    100 tunes bundle

    Been selling a few bundles recently and have one left , thought id see if anyone wanted it on here before I sell it else where :) Been clearing some space as I'm potentially moving and need to clear some vinyl out so been selling bundles of 100 tunes for £200 . Random stuff really , abit of...
  12. Doddy

    Mix of Piano Anthems

    I love this :D
  13. Doddy

    Old Papua new guinea mix i did (Deep House)

    Really really old deep house remix i did of F.S.O.L track
  14. Doddy

    S-cape EP Vol 3 + S-cape Dance with me EP

    I have a couple of copies of these so selling one of each , both VG+ . I'm looking for £15 posted for both Great for resell for sellers or for anyone wanting piano bangers
  15. Doddy

    Technics 1200/10 Pitch Adjustment

    Evening Guys , Been messing around with my technics that ive had for ages , Ive noticed that when on +6 the top dots are not still like they should be . 3.3 for dots below is also still moving when at that range on the slider so is also off. 0 and -3.3 seem to be ok . Is this fix as simple...
  16. Doddy

    Discogs Play Back Error

    Yeah the search is definitely odd and does my head in . When I refresh the page mate the videos normally play , that's the only way it works for me , as when I first visit page I get the error . I use Google chrome on the PC when it does this , not sure if it does this with other browsers.
  17. Doddy

    Discogs Play Back Error

    Yep , I find the whole website very frustrating tbh . Sometimes I get the playback error sometimes not , seems 50/50 . I also find the app annoying , the search is garbage for me and also when you go back after finding the tune it resets back to the home page . I also find it annoying on the...
  18. Doddy

    Should I Upgrade My Decks? What Turntables do you use? And Do You Recommend Them?

    Haha I wouldn't want to mess yours up pal and you be left with broken decks :) It seems like you really like the ones you have and your in a comfort zone with them which in my opinion should help your mixing . I don't know if the technics would improve your skills or not tbh bud but they are...
  19. Doddy

    Should I Upgrade My Decks? What Turntables do you use? And Do You Recommend Them?

    If you love yours bud why not get them serviced ? What are the issues your encountering ? If you fancy a change then the technics are the industry standard. The majority seem to have this opinion , I'm talking about the mk2s etc not the newer models . If we are talking about newer models then...
  20. Doddy

    Post a Pic of Ya Dex Thread!

    Nice and clean :) especially the wires looks good