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  1. jamespianoman

    Liverpool Mixtapes from 91- 95

    Guys Does anyone has ripped any of the old mixtapes from events at the 051 Club, The state, The Buzz, The Carlton Hotel and Best of British? Looking for the period 1991-1995. If there are any here on OSA and you can direct me to where I would be equally grateful. Thanks in advance.
  2. jamespianoman

    Rick Jones - In the mix

    I remember Rick playing after me at More Cake and I had done my hour and was listening from the sidelines with Carl and thinking HOW DOES HE DO THAT! It was like you got 90's seconds of a tune and it was out! His set was like a double CD compilation album and it banged from beginning to end. :)
  3. jamespianoman

    Calling all OSA orig crew!

    I would travel anywhere for this! I might only recognise butty though but I would love to go :)
  4. jamespianoman

    How are we all? Has this forum impacted you....

    I found out about OSA through him booking me to DJ and PA for him at his events. I met some really nice people despite the fact My djing was very bad and I did not even front the P.A. and attended the event only. OSA was not like Facebook is now or other forums with everyone backbiting and...
  5. jamespianoman

    Disco magic freebie

    I will get the download again for ALL who want it here on OSA.
  6. jamespianoman

    Hello there

    A quick HELLO to you guys :) Great to see the institution that is Butty and OSA back once again.
  7. jamespianoman

    Hello again (A decade later)

    Hello you lot! Its been ten years since I was last a member of OSA so I thought I would re introduce myself as it were. Big things I see have been happening for Ant in that time as well. I hope all of you are well and I look forward to posting. Cheers! James