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    Sasha - Plymouth Warehouse - 17/03/1995

    Track two is: soundstation
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    Sasha - Plymouth Warehouse - 17/03/1995

    Think i know track 2, on quite a few mix tapes from that time, Digweed and Sasha…
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    Mash-Oxford St

    Not as old but mid 90’s silver PVC trousers which - with all the dancing and sweating - chafed my under parts so raw I had to see a paramedic on the way out of the venue 😆
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    Boy George Tape What A Bargin Not !

    He’s clearly good at shit stirring though ***cue itv bongo theme***
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    The greatest songs of 1991

    ‘Anything I doooooo, Aaaa Doo it forrr yyy… :axe:
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    Boy George Tape What A Bargin Not !

    ‘Continuous mix by Boy George’ misnomer 😆 couldn’t mix a gin and tonic. Although to be fair it’s probably listenable compared to Danny Ramplings Journeys by DJ mix which is a car crash ….. _____💥 🚗 🚗 🚗 💨 ========= :crazy:
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    Boy George Tape What A Bargin Not !

    I still have my copy of this
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    Made a fourth mix 🤣 made a mad intro
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    Made a third mix - early 90s niceness

    … keep re-recording my November mix with various digressions… Pair of decks and a mixer. None o’ that fancy tech. Lots of good early 90’s stuff and a nod to Scott Hardkiss Links below: November mix 3...
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    November mixes

    Hi everyone, bedroom DJ here, on the decks I recorded a November mix yesterday, and an extended version today (the weather was terrible, so stuck inside) which segways into Scott Hardkiss Californian territory. I’m pretty pleased with it I think. On the old 1s and 2’s, no fancy gadgets...
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    Bashed out some November mixes

    I recorded a November mix, and an extended version (well, the weather was terrible today so stuck inside) which segways into Scott Hardkiss Californian territory. I’m pretty pleased with it. On the old 1s and 2’s, no fancy gadgets. Always a few niggles here and there lol Extended Nix -...
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    The sample at the start of the old essential mix

    Here’s a question - just on tiktok watching two middle aged ravers on the decks ( very good actually ) - playing some old school drum n bass etc - then one of the tracks had a sample at the start which was that countdown sample ‘ … 3,2,1 ready for lift off’ - it was the start of the old...
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    Name of tune and artist please

    Crikes - all yours on 12” for the princely sum of £334 currently on the cogs ⚙️ hopefully the impending apocalypse will bring the prices back down to something more reasonable
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    Laurent Garnier Techno id from 1995 Love of Life

    Has this been on the discogs track ID - I’ve nicked that Carl Craig into PFM idea from this lol presumably same poster - track list there otherwise
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    Oh scratch that … it’s been resolved … so the blue Amazon boys eh?! always hoping there’s a full length copy of paradise regime floating about on vinyl - the 10 plus min full track. For some utterly bizarre reason there’s only a 2 off minute edit on the album. Best bloody thing on it...
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    Hi from a DJ from the past

    Aw no - I love REN one mix album. Changed my life ( right that’s me in the dog house 🏠 ) 😝🤭😵:eek::axe:
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    Show us your dj set up

    On a budget! … Still powering thru an old Hi Fi stack from the early 1990s 🤣 … use the small yellow Cam mixer. The big hunk of junk is just so I can plug the FX box thru and then it connects up to a laptop for recording thru a cheap digital interface I researched online. I used to just press...

    Psi - Inner Understanding From the Fantazia Twice as Nice LP, 1992, or the Fantazia Sampler EP #5. Of course what I really want is for Shake Ya Bones to re-release Free. As far as I’m aware it never made it onto any format other than the Twice as Nice LP…
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    Comment by 'Albertryder' in media 'Dream Frequency - Feel So Real (Frenzy Mix)'

    Just bagged a copy of this on the old cogs