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  1. Ruffenuff

    Record cleaning

    Someone pointed out a record cleaner to me the other day...where you spin it in fluid etc. Never made me think about it before, but most my tunes are 25/30 years old , I've done sit loads of party's and some club with them ..bound to have gunk on them. Has anyone used/got one....did it make...
  2. Ruffenuff

    Everybody in the place...

    I rember years ago in club Labyrinth ( the legendary) a tune was played ....housey beat with the main riff taken from the prodigy everybody in the place. Closes I found was bingo callers mix on utube ... Bit of a shot in the dark....but does anyone know it or heard it?.....
  3. Ruffenuff

    Not vinyl but would swap

    If this isn't allowed mods then please delete I gave this technics micro hifi stand gloss wood colour And would be happy to swap for vinyl....or you could buy record swap if you have K Klass show me love original press would be ideal
  4. Ruffenuff

    Fav year for music

    I've listened to music my whole most people.. But my favourite years has to be 1989/90....maybe it's because I was old enough to go and drive/ get driven to raves & clubs with my mates
  5. Ruffenuff

    DD turntable maintenance...anyone do it?

    I remember years ago...probably 92 in my technics manual about oiling every now and then...never bothered coz in between working , raving and djing my ass off..I couldn't be from 88- 95 I must have clocked up thousands of hrs Just checked today and it recommends every 2000hrs...which...
  6. Ruffenuff

    Just had a touch today

    Just brought 150 old skool house, rave tunes for £65.....and when I collected them the bloke gave me another 25 extra free....just managed to sneak them in my Kallax I'm outta space o_O :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO:
  7. Ruffenuff

    Weird and wonderful vinyl

    My most weird and wonderful vinyl record has got to be Clear blue " Technarchy" by cybersonic....that's the wonderful part The weird part is it plays from the centre out Who's next?
  8. Ruffenuff

    Show us your dj set up

    Go on ...dont be shy , I'm not setting up till next year ....inspire me
  9. Ruffenuff

    Mixers what you got ?

    So I've got the decks now.....what are the good mixers these days My last mixer was a Vestax PMC15 for me the sale point was easy removal x fader, transform scratching buttons and you could put 3 decks though it ( only did this once when my mate brought one of his round) From what I've seen...
  10. Ruffenuff

    One's and two's...what ya got

    I've been out of the game since 95....what decks are rated ....not including the OG's technics...and what's a good last mixer was a vestax could run 3 decks of this Talk to me:p
  11. Ruffenuff

    Oi oi

    Hi guys, I'm a old skool raver from South London...always liked my choonz from electro Street sounds, house ( original 80's) , acid, rave. I had 1210's back in the day...pretty much brought them with my 1st wages back in 1988... I used to do house parties in my old council estate and even did a...