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  1. Ruffenuff

    Diddy Give me love

    Just got this myself few weeks back.....the vocal mix is my fav :)
  2. Ruffenuff

    Hi, noob here

  3. Ruffenuff

    Hi, noob here

    Same same....its crazy how much you forget....I spin a tune....and by the time I've found something to mix it with the choon is nearly finished..must be old age :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO:
  4. Ruffenuff

    Record cleaning

    Yeah I can imagine it's a chore. :ROFLMAO: Just outta interest...did a load of gunk come off?
  5. Ruffenuff

    Record cleaning

    Someone pointed out a record cleaner to me the other day...where you spin it in fluid etc. Never made me think about it before, but most my tunes are 25/30 years old , I've done sit loads of party's and some club with them ..bound to have gunk on them. Has anyone used/got one....did it make...
  6. Ruffenuff

    Weird Jokes

    Is that the one when the dog eats all the scrabble titles....then the next day he leave little messages around the house?:p
  7. Ruffenuff

    Everybody in the place...

    I rember years ago in club Labyrinth ( the legendary) a tune was played ....housey beat with the main riff taken from the prodigy everybody in the place. Closes I found was bingo callers mix on utube ... Bit of a shot in the dark....but does anyone know it or heard it?.....
  8. Ruffenuff

    Not vinyl but would swap

    If this isn't allowed mods then please delete I gave this technics micro hifi stand gloss wood colour And would be happy to swap for vinyl....or you could buy record swap if you have K Klass show me love original press would be ideal
  9. Ruffenuff

    Hi all

    Your probably healthier for it :ROFLMAO: ..welcome to the forum
  10. Ruffenuff

    Hi guys

    Hi chum....all my stories from the good old dayz are like dis Dropped a E just before entry to club/ rave......5hrs later I came down..dont rember much but I had a great time......:ROFLMAO:
  11. Ruffenuff

    DD turntable maintenance...anyone do it?

    Just got to say my reloops came yesterday ( still says ortofon inside the box)...fired up the ones and twos...sound was amazing and cueing up records is way more easier....never liked the look of the concorde back in the day. Today I'm a BIG fan Reminds me from when switching tile cutters from...
  12. Ruffenuff

    Fav year for music

    When it comes to playing guitar I just got to utube and put in "guitar tabs' say 'one way out' all men brothers band guitar tabs and sheet music...and there is loads of video...pretty sure you can do the same for piano There is a girl on the tube does piano to All, the rock ...mate her version...
  13. Ruffenuff

    Fav year for music

    Mad you say that...coz I've only just started liking all the rock/blues stuff...mainly coz before lockdown my kid wanted a electric guitar. And had 2hrs worth of lessons, lockdown happened and he taught himself from utube...4 months later he was already better than most after 3 he...
  14. Ruffenuff

    Fav year for music

    I've listened to music my whole most people.. But my favourite years has to be 1989/90....maybe it's because I was old enough to go and drive/ get driven to raves & clubs with my mates
  15. Ruffenuff

    DD turntable maintenance...anyone do it?

    Cheers for that...see this is the problem...technics are a great make which means its easy to access and service/maintenance....cheaper brands can't So I was mixing the other night....the ropy sounding deck was only playing in left speaker, playing around today I cleaned the contacts...