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  1. notloboldschool

    Mark Moore - Love Of Life, Cambridge 1995

    19:00 Donna Giles - And Im Telling You Im Not Going (Donna In Dub) sounds like Ultra Flava Fooking toon!! A mate of mine who did not even really like house, used to love this on a Alllister Whitehead mix and play it in his car, lol. The rest were all big anthems in the temple in 96 and 97...
  2. notloboldschool

    Paul Oakenfold - Love of Life, May 1995

    This looks immense, quench and paragliders, takes me right back to the mid 90s, cruising around with mates:)
  3. notloboldschool

    Signal radio , Stoke

    I remember a mate who used to be obsessing with taping stuff off of the radio, we can get signal up here in north manc on DAB, but he was receiving this on I think AM or LW, was a bit fuzzy or grainy, but he managed to tape some of the rave mixes, dedication indeed, might ask him if he still has...
  4. notloboldschool

    Danny Rampling Essential Grooves

    I remember when he went into psy trance, not sure what his sound is like nowadays, but in the 90s he was really in demand on the essential mix, thanks for this one!
  5. notloboldschool

    Nicky Holloway @ Pimp, Picassos, Wolverhampton 21-5-93

    Sorry cocked up my reply, you are right so few sets from him!
  6. notloboldschool

    Jeremy Healy @ Cream, Liverpool 1994 (Theme From Cream)

    Thanks for this link, especially in lockdown!
  7. notloboldschool

    Luv Dup @ Ripe, The Yard, Mansfield 1993

    @chunky Agreed, oakenfold seems to come across alright from what I have seen on youtube, forgive me for that. No worries Chinatowns, you do not come across that way at all, I find your posts about your experiences interesting. Hope everyone had a good Xmas on here, new years eve next FFS...
  8. notloboldschool

    Luv Dup @ Ripe, The Yard, Mansfield 1993

    Ah ok, I remember his mix tapes too, interesting that you met him a few times in person. I wonder who is the most prima donna demanding type dj who wants only a certain brand of booze, and other outrageous demands, have heard of Oakenfolds explosive temper and him losing his rag in the dj booth...
  9. notloboldschool

    Luv Dup @ Ripe, The Yard, Mansfield 1993

    Who was BG please chinatownswhite? Must get my thinking cap on, lol!
  10. notloboldschool

    Old Skool House from all over Florida

    Bossing it! Deffo going to check out the diggers mixtape, thanks so much! :phones:🎧
  11. notloboldschool

    Luv Dup @ Ripe, The Yard, Mansfield 1993

    I remember some of healys sets being the same, they must have been train wrecked!
  12. notloboldschool

    Justin Robertson @ Progress, Derby 1993

    A mate of mine introduced me to J.R's mixtapes back in the 90s and I though they were wicked. I would imagine his sound is very different these days though. What was funny was even a mate who hated rave/techno, and liked grunge, really got into his tapes because JR would play things like remixes...
  13. notloboldschool

    Allister Whitehead - Mark Moore - Smokin Jo @ Hot To Trot - 1995 - (HTT12)

    Sorry for late reply Jigsaw, just seen your reply and links, will check these out and get back to you pal. Thanks for posting! EDIT: Yeah, that seems to be the one, I remember fargetta tune in the middle, cheers!
  14. notloboldschool

    Gatecrasher Mixes Tall Paul, Mark Moore, Boy George & John Kelly

    Any chance of a reup of the Mark Moore one, if not, no worries.
  15. notloboldschool

    Jon The Pleased & Mark Moore @ Miss Moneypenny's, Birmingham 1996 (Black Tape Pack)

    thanks, missed this one, but as part of my hunt for this elusive mark moore mix, which I am sure I had on tape, I found this. Ta for the uploads!